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121 Odyssey
122 Solitary Shell

This is a brilliant song written by John Petrucci, check out Live at Budokan Dream Theater album. It will just make you grow a better listener and a music lover

They put all the songs together for one big song that is in the top 10: six degrees of inner turbulence, so it is much higher

Must be much higher than at what it is placed now. Gem of a song by DT. Meant especially for the introverts.

A nice song for learning to headbang. - MonkeyDude98

123 Only a Matter of Time

The only song with Dominici vocals that is a must-listen for any Dream Theater fan.

124 Burning My Soul
125 The Killing Hand

When Dream and Day Unite needs more attention - Caleb9000

93 - a joke!

126 Another Won
127 The X Aspect
128 Chosen
129 Eve
130 Brother, Can You Hear Me?
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1. Octavarium
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3. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
1. The Count of Tuscany
2. Octavarium
3. Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper
1. Octavarium
2. The Count of Tuscany
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