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121 The Test That Stumped Them All

This is the best song from 2nd disc of 6 degrees. The musicianship is off the charts. Try to play this song. I dare you. Just try. Impossible.

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122 Forsaken

One of the best songs by DT,... What its on 16... And the video is awesome...
And yes its better than the song pull me under

Great song overall; nice riff with guitar and piano

It takes you somewhere and makes you feel like you're floating.
In my opinion it's better than "Pull Me Under".

My favorite DT song, such a shame it's this low...

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123 A Rite of Passage

Really this song is pretty lame, but the guitar solo is one of the best of Petrucci's career.

What a Wonderful song, so sad it's so low

This is just sad. This is my second favorite song off of because & SL, behind Count of Tuscany of course. By far THE MOST underrated song on the list. Shame on you people.

Are you kidding me?!,68?

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124 Build Me Up, Break Me Down

CRAZINESS! This song just amazing and it's NO 92 this song is sound of life

Love this song so much it should be so much higher. It's so underrated

I really love Labrie's screaming here.

125 The Killing Hand

When Dream and Day Unite needs more attention - Caleb9000

93 - a joke!

126 To Tame a Land V 1 Comment
127 Tenement Funster / Flick of the Wrist / Lily of the Valley V 1 Comment
128 Prophets of War

Come on people. Why is it THIS low? Although it is not their best, it is surely not their worst! Sure there are no solo's at all, but overall, I love this song. Nice riffing brought by Petrucci and the Portnoy vocals just gets me every time. Really touching lyrics overall and I simply love it.

What? #106? That's something I truly cannot understand. The lyrics are so powerful, the build up is epic and the entire song really brings me in a state of euphoria

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