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1 Swag

It actually means "Secretly We Are Gay". It was used in the 60's.

It's just stupid. The "word" just came out of the blue,
And now every stupid white 13 year old is saying it in in every
Possible context. "Swag this, swag that, look at my swag! " It's
Completely ridiculous.

Sorry but, Swag and swagger is the only word out of the ten words that seem to piss me off every time I hear it, and I'm not joking when I say it literally makes me grind my teeth when I hear it.

I don't know, or care why, but hell
It's my opinion right?

My old school was so obsessed with this word. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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2 Yolo

Yolo is suppost to teach you to enjoy life before you die. Now its an excuse to be an idiot. I hate my generation so much now..

First of all, this acronym can REALLY offend some religious people. Or just annoy em. Which you do not wanna do. Second, it is overused so much. It's rarely funny except in a few movies or YouTube videos. - iiKyodaiKickz

You live twice when you go to Heaven...

(Don't criticize me by saying "there is no God" because I won't believe you) - RedTheGremlin

You Only Live Once. So at least one time in your life, scream YOLO in your house, your office, you're school, maybe your funeral. And laugh. You only live once, might as well use this word and emphasize your desire to live and make others hate you. It won't matter once you reach the underground. :P

Just an excuse to act reckless and stupid - blackflower

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3 Noob/N00b/Newb

This is so annoying when someone calls you that on a game when you first start playing, everyone was new at the game sometime, THIS PISSES ME OFF! - dragon13304

I am SO SICK of this word. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I hate this word. And country words aren't slang, they're just different ways of saying commonly used words.

Me: *kills someone*
8 year old: NOOB! - iliekpiez

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4 N****

If its so offensive to blacks then why do they constantly use it in music, television and movies. - egnomac

Dude black people are the ones who use it the most. They only get pissed if a white person uses it - Organ

It's horrible and racist, and yet some idiots think they can say it because it was used by some stupid rapper.

This is possibly the most offensive word in existence. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

My opinion of this is that it is flat out inappropriate but it is highly used by black people themselves and I don't think it is OK for them to use that word themselves and then get offended if a white person refers to them in a "playful" way, come on, either you get offended by the "WORD" or you don't! Be real, don't use the word as an excuse, the real offense is only coming from the fact that a white person used it, therefore, they are being JUST as racist when they get pissed because a white person called them the same thing that a black person did with no reaction! Makes sense, does it not?! - julz_b21

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5 Gay

1. Gay shouldn't even have insulting connotations. Because someone being gay is NOT a reason to a) be ashamed and b) cause any upheaval at all. People should finally accept that there's no one good way to love any other human being.
2. People who do use it as an insult are massive poopieheads!
3. Word!

it's stupid how some guys use this word, if they don't like something, they say "that's gay"; I am tired of watching comments like "metalcore is gay" - rock2metal

The actual definition of gay means being happy and carefree. The version everyone uses is slang.

I can't stand phrases like "that's gay" which give negative connotations to the word. I cringe every time I hear it.

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6 Dope Dope

HA this list is dope - BreakFastBeast2005

Simply Dope This word is so overused by everyone. "simply dope! " "That outfit is simply dope" WHERE DID THIS WORD COME FROM? It sounds stupid, it sounds ugly, words can't describe how much I despise this word

This word is supposed to be used describe people with tin foil IQ's.

It originally was another word for Marijuana. People on the street would say it, so kids and teenagers started saying it to sound "cool".

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7 Homie (s)

I couldn't find 'Brap' so I settled with this one.
Someone called me this once and I almost smacked him because I thought he said homo.

This word is WAY over-the-top overused. It's an old way to address people who are in your gang (I hope you're not in one) or people you are acquainted with. Again, a stupid word that if it should every be included in a proper dictionary a red light will flash in my brain signaling "END OF WORLD! "

This word is so stupid and now everyone is saying it there is no place I can get away from it this word is an insult

I thought this was a nickname marge called homer

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8 Ratchet

This word is so overused by everyone. "She ratchet! " "That outfit is ratchet! " WHERE DID THIS WORD COME FROM? It sounds stupid, it sounds ugly, words can't describe how much I despise this word.

This word is so annoying! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I absolutely hate this. - RedTheGremlin

I first heard it almost three years ago from this really annoying kid and I STILL barely know what it means. - PhoenixAura81

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9 Hootie

ive never even heard of this word but it just sound so annoying - kumo9

I don't know WHAT this means, and quite frankly, I don't care. A lot of people have that word that grates on their nerves. Some don't like the word "poop", can't stand the word "flesh", etc. "Hootie" is the PERFECT combination of sound to instantly piss me off.

Never heard this - KingSlayer93316

I have never even heard of this tragedy, yet it compels me to hatred so strongly. I hate all the words on here, accept groovy, which is just... great! - QuarantineGames

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10 Shorty

When I was young, a shorty was just a bit of a teasing nickname for parent/grandparents/whatever adults to call their kids/relatives/whatever. Now it's apparently a nickname for your girlfriend? It's usually said by the whitest of white boys, too (looking at you, Bieber! ) I understand that it's a word not intended for me, but come on. Do you really think your girl appreciates being called short? What if she's taller than you (looking at you AGAIN, Bieber! )

Haha reminds me of Shorty the longneck from The Land Before Time series.

I don't get it either. It started as some regional slang for Atlanta rappers and everyone jumped on the bandwagon apparently. I know slang doesn't need to make sense but "shawty" is just ridiculous.

This is offensive to short people - KingSlayer93316

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11 Bruh/Bruhh

Hold on bruuh! - Userguy44

Bruh moment - stonext3

This is annoying - KingSlayer93316

This is/used to be an actual African word meaning Brother. Now everybody messed this word up.

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12 Cray

My cousin calls everything "cray-cray" - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

How lazy are you in order to use this word? Is one extra syllable too much?

I hate this word its not Cray-Cray it's Crazy! I think this is more offensive to insane people than "retarded". Thumbs up if you agree ( but you don't have to) - MusicalPony

It gets really annoying people say it because they are to lazy to say crazy its not that hard

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13 Bae

It's the Danish word for poop. Try replacing it with poop.

"Hey poop. Wanna meet at the movies tonight? "

Go ahead, I dare you to try it. - Turkeyasylum

Just say babe. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I'm guessing this is short for "baby"?
That would still make the term misused with how I've seen people use it.

BAE, your my BAE, what happened to just saying girlfriend or boyfriend

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14 Twerk

I hate this word and the dancing. It's gross and ugly. I am so glad I'm not the only female who looks down on this revolting monstrosity. - RedTheGremlin

People these days

This word is stupid. Even though it was invented around 2012 - Harri666

*throws up*

This word is disturbing and gross - KingSlayer93316

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15 Word

I had a friend who said this. I almost gagged her

This needs to be in the top ten. It makes ZERO sense when you say it - KingSlayer93316

Peter griffin will tell you why

Completely meaningless, why would you say it if you don't have anything to say. If you want to say something, just say it, saying "word" has no meaning, so don say anything. - HarCher

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16 Like

Correct uses of this word:
"Like" used as a verb:
- I like potatoes.
- Do you like video games as much as I do?
"Like" used as a preposition:
- He wants to be like Tim Tebow.
- I am sick of being treated like a child.
"Like" used as a conjunction:
- I felt like I was kicked in the shins.

Incorrect uses of this word:
"Like" as a meaningless filler:
- I, like, want to, like, go to the, like, movies.
"Like" in the place of "said":
- My teacher was like, "In the Stone Age, people were hominids. "

It isn't in the place of 'said'. It's when you're paraphrasing. She could have said "I believe that homo sapiens the superior animal." If you're directly quoting, you'd say "And she said, 'I believe that Homo sapiens are the superior animal. '" Whereas, if you're paraphrasing, you'd say "And she was like 'Humans are the best. '"

This is pretty obvious. - Aeterna

You know like, she was like "like", like, a million times! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Like is an annoying word that is said by preppy teenage girls. This one girl at my school sounds like this " like didja like see Miley Cyrus she was so like awesome and pretty. And her songs are like totally cool and if you hate her your like totally not cool"

I try not to say this a lot, but I just can't help it. It's like an instinct to me!

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17 Dawg

I rember when DMX was real popular and used to say this in all his songs, so naturally everyone started sayin it and wont stop - Chris-1

Don't dis Goofy from Mickey Mouse! 'hot dawg'

I never use this unless I'm trying to be stupid. - username34

One of my brothers used to use this. I also did sometimes(lol). Now it is just plain weird - floridiancat

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18 Legit

Like legit. This word is legit the worst. Gosh. Save us all some air and stop using it for words like legit. Go die in a hole if you want to be legit.

Ne, this word is so lame, I feel like slapping myself every time it accidentally slips out.

This is a good term, it's just a shortened form of "legitimate." It's like saying "parks and rec" instead of "parks and recreation" - mtndewlord

People only say it for the sake of saying it.

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19 Duh

it annoys me when people use this word like 'duh, eww I hate it, duh you're wrong, duh, the worst, duh, the most annoying comment, word, saying, phrase, letters, paragraph, parts of speech, slang words, everywhere when talking, speaking, writing, chatting, typing, anything. I can see also this word in this site and youtube. - ronluna

I use it sometimes, but not every 10 seconds - KingSlayer93316

This isn't funny, exciting, or happy as other slang word. The listener feels bad for this word. It hurts other people's feeling. It also annoys people who only hear this word. This word makes people stupid for just asking innocent question or statement.

There was this girl in my class who thinks shes perfect and hot smart who said duh ALL THE TIME it was so anoying

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20 Twenty-Wan

This might be offensive to Asian people. - kcianciulli

Now it's 20th. Dammit!

It's officially 21st

I've never heard of this one but that sounds stupid as hell - Mcgillacuddy

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21 Dat

The word is "that" its really not that difficult to say.

Dat word! - Userguy44

"is" "that" "the"... Is it so effing hard to pronounce and to spell things intelligently?!?

I truly don't believe that half the people who type this word on the internet would actually SAY it like this if they were speaking the sentence out loud.

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22 OMG

I think I'll say holy cow now instead of. - Userguy44


I use it occasionally, but not all the time. I hate when people use it every 3 words into a sentence - KingSlayer93316

Thou shalt not take thy Lord's name in vain. This word downplays how serious that is to break a commandment

On last Sunday I carve idols in soap I stole from the hotel while coveting my neighbors male servant instead of visiting with my parents on their anniversary because that sounded lame. This Sunday I slept with my other neighbor's wife and accidentally stabbed him with my carving knife but I set it up to look like it was her doing it. But I would never take the lord's name in vain.

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I hate this word! Why can't you just say that you'd like to have sex with her, why do you have to mention the fact that she's a mother? That's messed up. - DaWyteNight

Good acronym for a mother you would like to have sex with.

Short for "Mom I'd Like to F*ck".

24 Badass
25 Bitch

How did this turn from another word for a dog/wolf into an insult? - Harri666

I HATE when people uses this to women. I am a boy, but still, It just plain bothers me. It's offensive, stupid, and weird. One time I was playing Clash of Clans and on world chat, this guy said that my girlfriend enjoys when I say the b word. I obviously feel bad for her OR that is not true. Boys for the future generation, it's a stupid word. Don't use it. - floridiancat

I don't know why but this word is hilarious

This word is offensive and demeaning.
Trashy words for trashy people.

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26 Lit

I used to use this word a lot now I feel like an idiot for using it. - oofoff

Changing my name to LitFam. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

It's liiit! (travis scott voice) - DaWyteNight

This slang word is so Lit-Fam

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27 Dhat

This word sucks

Is it so hard to say That, same amount of letters!

Lazy version of That.

Worse that "that" - Organ

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28 Totes

The only "totes" you should use are bags. - galaxyfox

This word is the worst. Now I see totes adores on socks, T-shirts, gym bags, and more. This is worse than "dabbing"

JUST SAY TOTALLY! - KingSlayer93316

The word is totally. A tote is a beach bag or gym bag. So its rather stupid to say "Oh that's totes amazing! " WHAT! Its beach bag amazing? When people say this to me I cringe.

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29 Bestie

This one just annoys me.

30 Mofo

I don't know why but I like to say this

I can’t say I agree with this one. Remember the Uplift Mofo Party Plan? The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a good band, a’ight?

31 Guap

Basically a way to say "A lot of money" and sound like complete white trash while you say it.

It's a demeaning way to insult an Italian

32 Baller

Baller etymology comes from sad notion that in order be successful in the African American community one has to be a ball player - hence Baller. It's neither dumb nor pointless, but it is sad.

It's a stupid word and you could just say Basketball player. Gosh it's like people these days don't want to open their mouth too much

I always thought this word was a support for people with testicular cancer, like my uncle, but it's not.

I hate this word so much! It doesn't make any sense

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33 Hater

You know what drives me crazy? In That's So Raven there is a running gag where Raven and Chelsea say "HATE-HER" to a mean girl, I hate it when people post the gif with them saying "hater" because that is not what they were saying.

People are so dam annoying using this online. They obviously don't know how to use this word correctly

This words so stupid, this might be offensive but only stupid people like rappers and taylor swift use this word

This kid in my class won't stop saying it

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34 -izzle

I cannot take people who say this shizzle for' rizzle. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

That word makes me want to punch whoever said it right smack in the face. - MegaToolica

What? This is the most cliche slang term ever! Also, it makes you sound ultra-stupid. I can't give it credit for creativity either, since all you do is add izzle to a word.

you guys are so lame if snoop dogg saw you guys saying foshizzle and ilzzle and making fun of "dat" he would just laugh


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35 Pissed

Can tell if someone's urinated in their pants or if they are just plain annoyed

What is wrong with this one? This one should stay. Been using it for years.

36 Ya'll

No person from the south talks like that nothing but some dumbass stereotypes I'm from Louisiana I say y'all but I don't say it like a dumbass redneck hillbilly

I am from Louisiana too and I go to school where nearly all the boys (not trying to be sexist, I'm just saying the facts) are redneck hillbillies. - RedTheGremlin

Okay first of all people some people from the south do and my DAD says howdy when he says hello to some people okay. And yes some Texans do talk like that okay. AND you can't just say they're stupid dumbass redneck hillbillies just by the way they talk okay.

I'm southern and raised around people who say it. I love this slang word and its easier to say than you all. It's just a slang word if you don't like it don't hang around people who say it!

I'm a Texan and it only gets on my nerves because the apostrophe isn't in the correct place. I use it all the time. I'm actually surprised ain't ain't higher than this.

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37 Shawty

Another way to say "Shorty". Rappers used this in their song lyrics in 2007. - kcianciulli

This doesn't deserve to even be called a word... - Celestius

For some reason whenever I hear this annoying word I just can't help but yell Boots With the Fur! - bobbythebrony

One of the girls in my rugby team name is shawty so I don't think it a dumb for but it really isn't word

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38 Hoe/Ho

Santa Claus loves this word. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

"HO HO HO! Welcome to Lapland" said Father Christmas. Staring at the three female elves who have come to work in Lapland for Christmas 2019. Mrs Claus glared at them. "Stay away from my husband! I'm already tweeting Coca Cola about the no wink advert every single year"

Gucci should be on this list

Rakes,... Why can't people just use words for their ACTUAL MEANING

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39 Hella

Its annoying. Its just... is.

No. Just, no.

seriously, I can't figure out what the hell this means. - cameron331

Hell of a lot. Remove of and lot and there you go. Hella. Not saying it's good or bad just saying how it was formed.

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40 Lol

The thing that's worse than laugh out loud is when people actually SAY it. Unless you actually laughed out loud, then don't say laugh out loud. And if you DID laugh out loud, then you don't have to say it either, because you just LOLed

Like laugh out loud this list is so laugh out loud and this stupid word is so overused laugh out loud. - luisprado

Laugh out loud is unnatural. People should laugh when they find something funny.

This word is overly used by everyone. It's also just annoying and it needs to go away.

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41 Mirin

Not THAT bad. Makes me think of the Japanese wine, though. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

This is the greatest slang word ever who ever came up with this is a legend I want to meet them and shake there hands. I bet they have hot as girlfriends and should become male models

This word is so amazing, the creator of this must be the man! This is the greatest slang word ever who ever came up with this is a legend I want to meet them and shake there hands. I bet they have hot as girlfriends and should become male models

Isn't there an actor called Helen Mirin I wonder if she knows how popular her last name is?

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42 Tight

In any context other than originally meant.

I like this word

This word is too ambiguous to have an actual meaning!

I like this word better than dope

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43 Porn

Porn isn't slang, it's short for pornographic. But still, it's really gross. - username34

I wish people would stop using it to freed to love of things. Like, what we have here is the scenery porn. Used to describe beautiful areas in video games.

Why the hell do idiots use this word to describe things? Like the scenery porn?! That's so stupid and gross!

This word is just gross...

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44 Ballin'

This annoys me to no end

This sounds STUPID too.

I'm Jarl Balgruuf and I be Ballin' Ballin' Ballin' Jarl Ballin' Ballin' Ballin' swag! Woman I'm loord of the rings! I'm the Jarl of Whiterun, holla if you need me! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Listen well slut...

45 Literally

Literally is not slang - KingSlayer93316

people always misuse the word literally: "oh there was LITERALLY a million people in front of me in line today" "that was LITERALLY awesome"

Literally annually means REALLY

Wrong way - I LITERALLY had to scrub the dishes a million times

Right way - I had to scrub the dishes lots of times

This is LITERALLY the worst word . Literally..

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46 HomeSlice


47 Thicc

I hate this word! It's an insult to girls. Even though I am not fat, it's still rude and annoying to say. Guys should not be focusing on girls' butts and physical size - RedTheGremlin

48 Fail

It's just really annoying. You drop something. It's a fail. You fall over. It's a fail. So annoying. Also, when you fall over and people yell, "A-O! " It really bugs me so much. - PositronWildhawk

I HATE THIS WORD! How is falling over, dropping something, making a mistake or really anything that isn't done perfectly a "fail! "? So annoying. Everyone at my school says it and I'm sick of it!

I use this word ALL THE TIME

! I hate this word so so much its not funny

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49 Deadass

What is this piece of garbage.

50 Dank

Dank memes?

Or is it the other annoying definition? - KingSlayer93316

Oh My God, This Word is So Annoying!

Sounds stupid and doesn't deserve to refer to coolness.

Where did this even come from a horses butt?

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