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201 Groovey

What is this, the 70's? We aren't Scooby doo and the"gang" in the mystery machine.

Honestly, I actually like this one. I use it sometimes and I got it from my friend who is such a hippie. "They're just not groovy like us"

What's wrong with Groovey? - nintendofan126

Groovy - ash wiliams. - samanime

202 Rubbish

Rubbish is what the English call garbage.

Stupid. You know people, you can say crap, it's not a cuss word - Goatworlds

People who say rubbish instead of garbage are garbage or as they would say rubbish.

203 Tramp
204 Imma

I hate this because of that black eyed pea song "imma be" playing over and over again in work!

I suddenly wish to consume beans every time I see black eyed peas mentioned I swear I'm not a fatty

I HATE this word! Luckily not very much people use this word on this website. - funnyuser

Yo Swag! I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish... But Imma is one of the worst slang words of all time!

"Imma edit that out" WHO says THAT?!

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205 Pissed

What is wrong with this one? This one should stay. Been using it for years.

206 WTF
207 Doh

To me,"Doh" just spells out ignorance, however it is funny when homer Simpson says it on comedy channel

Doh is supposed to be the first tonic solfa in a key - sryanbruen

Are You Homer Simpson? - kcianciulli

208 Douche

Ooh! To douche is to wash out your private bits? Did you know this?

209 Sheess
210 Peep
211 Bangin'

A lot of people use this word in my school I think its great. People who come on this website ar people who just don't understand these words. So calm your nipples. Y'all just mad no one likes you.

On point good, awesome, great and cool even perfect.

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212 Ham

The dumbest slang word ever. Sounds like we're going to go to lunch

Yeah people call me a big ham to slag my overweight body which I find more than upsetting - sryanbruen

To me it looks as if someone misspelled a polish insult "cham".

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213 Dumbing Down

Its scary to think people lay awake at nite to think this stuff up!

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215 Wetback
216 Phat

You aren't a ghetto rapper man

217 My Bad
218 Yah

It's supposed to be "Yeah" or "Yes", not "Yah"!

Bugs the crap out of me when kids at school say this, which is all the time. - RockFashionista

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219 Thot

This is one of the worst words I've ever heard and anytime I hear someone say it, it makes me want to beat them. Please stop making yourself sound like a dumbass and use words from the dictionary. "That Hoe Over There" doesn't mean anything special and are you really that stupid that you have to abbreviate it? Just get out... no really just get out.

That Hoe Over There... really why...

Get rid of this word

What. The word sounds so annoying and stupid.makes me want to punch the person that created this word

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220 Turn Up/Turnt Up

Go crazy have fun get WILD

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