Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words

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221 Honkey

That's me. I'm a honkey

222 Da Low Down

What the hell are you talking about

Like on the low down down low not on the floor but in to the conversation or into.

Or to tell you the truth honestly there are lots of ways to use slang the most proper way.
Don't SAY IT!

223 Jank

For those of you who (unfortunately) watched iCarly as a kid, you'd know what this word means.

224 Trifling/Triflin'

Pretty much the same thing as ratchet, only I hate this one just as much. People at my old school said this a lot, but not as much as they said ratchet. I hate both of them.

Well, it's an actual word.. just spelled wrong.. BUT STILL! It's retarded.

225 Mary Sue

I hate it when ever some idiot whines about Mary Sues/Gary Stus, when there is ONE thing the character is talented at, and don't get me started on those biased or generaized tests. - DragonKid

226 Lame

The opposite of dope look it up yo.

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227 Amazeballs

AGH! We used it in the school play and I wanted to kill myself. - kaisietoo

no just no

228 Aught
229 Troll

What happened to "troll" just being the monster living under the bridge?

They moved from the bridges to the Internet

230 Trolling

Trolling is when your trying to catch fish on a boat by letting your lines drift on their own. People used this for other reasons like playing pranks on the internet. It's pathetic - Sabbath

I'm kinda guilty. I troll A LOT of people in video games and on YouTube comments. - floridiancat

231 Swagginess
232 Bump

Can't stand that word used when someone is pregnant!

Or another word to do some coke.

233 Bumpin
234 Preggers
235 Bumpin' and Proud
236 Totz

It's short for "Totally! " My friend says "Totz cute! " - MissMinecraftLover

237 Fudge

It's for people to who are scared of saying a swear word

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238 Diddo
239 Really

I am so sick of the overuse of this word when being sarcastic. I want to scream every time I hear it. Especially old people trying to be hipsters.

The most annoying word in a long time. Also, men over 50 using "dude" all the time, really?

240 Rad
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