Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words

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241 Fudge

It's for people to who are scared of saying a swear word

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242 Diddo
243 Really

I am so sick of the overuse of this word when being sarcastic. I want to scream every time I hear it. Especially old people trying to be hipsters.

The most annoying word in a long time. Also, men over 50 using "dude" all the time, really?

244 Rad
245 Bee's Knees
246 Nifty
247 Egads
248 Truuuuuu

I hear my friends say it all the time and they text it... I'm like shut up. Say me to or something

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249 Lawl

Why is this even a thing. When did laugh out loud become a word?

250 Eoooooooo

The sound that an ambulance makes

The real Spanish word for hello - Badgerflame

251 Posho
252 Sh*t

Is another word for poop. Using it in every sentence just to sound edgy is very annoying.

253 Perf

What, r we really getting so lazy that we can't just say the whole word PERFECT

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254 Brutal

White guy slang

Played out and overused to the point of me wanting to backslap anyone who says it in a slang type of way

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256 Horse

Ahh, heroine, why did you need this slang abbreviation.

257 Suppos"A"bly

This just pisses me off every time I hear it. Words could not describe the copious amount of cringe I get from hearing this word. It is pronounced "supposedly" where the hell is the "b" in this word? Just hearing this word is more akin to circumcision... Bro... I know it technically isn't a slang word, but to put this in juxtaposition to vernacular, it is still annoying.

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259 Banter

This word is so annoying everyone says it at school I rather hear yoloswag than this idiocy... - Harri666

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260 For Realsies

My friend says this all the time and I hate it

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