Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words

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281 Cooked
282 M8

That is the name of a motorway in Scotland running between Glasgow and Edinburgh, not what you call your mate.

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283 Same
284 Flossin

The word has not been over used but it's has now turned out to be an amazing word used by dude to describe the attractiveness of their girls

285 Vacay
286 NomNom

Chewing word. Sounds like muppets. So annoying.

287 Yum-O

I actually even hate Yum and Yummy.

288 A1

It is a dumb way of saying "awesome" or "excellent". Teens say it to be hip and cool.

289 Crackhead V 1 Comment
290 Junkie
291 Hissy

I've seen family members call each other hissy and it reminds me that they are most likely inbred.

292 Freakin'
293 Dumbass
294 Hundie V 1 Comment
295 Beef

Last I knew, beef was another word for cow meat. It should stay that way.

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296 Weird

You are just really cray cray

297 Onesie

It sounds annoying for some reason -_-

298 MLG V 1 Comment
299 Dweeb
300 Do-Rag
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