Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words

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301 Way

This word, turned into slang, has crossed over to adult news and radio media and T.V. entertainment. It is Not proper or correct. Fine for kids and youth to use it and let it fade away, but adults Should know better. Nowhere in the dictionaries is it to be substituted for the word "Much". It has no meaning near to the slang usage. - Bobdobb

302 Chix
303 Pix
304 Dayum
305 Gawd
306 Suga
307 Babe
308 Da

It's "The" - kcianciulli

309 Butta
310 Chiz
311 Pic
312 Roasted
313 Ay
314 Diggity
315 Gon
316 Thang
317 Rustle

People on this website use this word al ot, it's annoying. - kcianciulli

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