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41 Kewl

Dumbest thing ever. Especially bad when someone over the age of 12 uses it. cool and cool have the same amount of letters. It's like my 87 year old grandma saying something is "totally rad". It's stupid. Grown ups should stop.

Is this even a word

Does anyone actually say this ever


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42 Lol

The thing that's worse than laugh out loud is when people actually SAY it. Unless you actually laughed out loud, then don't say laugh out loud. And if you DID laugh out loud, then you don't have to say it either, because you just LOLed

Like laugh out loud this list is so laugh out loud and this stupid word is so overused laugh out loud. - luisprado

Laugh out loud is unnatural. People should laugh when they find something funny.

Some people use it when they're not even laughing,they just stare at a screen or something and type "lol" to act like they're laughing.

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43 Porn

Porn isn't slang, it's short for pornographic. But still, it's really gross. - username34

I wish people would stop using it to freed to love of things. Like, what we have here is the scenery porn. Used to describe beautiful areas in video games.

Why the hell do idiots use this word to describe things? Like the scenery porn?! That's so stupid and gross!

All of you shut up, you know you all watch porn, well I don't I have a girl friend cause I'm 19.

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44 Ballin'

This annoys me to no end

This sounds STUPID too.

I'm Jarl Balgruuf and I be Ballin' Ballin' Ballin' Jarl Ballin' Ballin' Ballin' swag! Woman I'm loord of the rings! I'm the Jarl of Whiterun, holla if you need me! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Listen well slut...

45 HomeSlice V 1 Comment
46 Waaaazzuuuup?

It sounds like they are dumb asses with hangovers when they say it

This "word" makes me literally want to dig a hole and jump right in it. When someone says it to me I ignore them and leave that hand hanging. No high-five from me if you grin and say "Waaazzup? "

We understand you, you don't have to drag it on for 30 seconds. - WWEfanJayden

It's from Scary Movie.

47 Fail

It's just really annoying. You drop something. It's a fail. You fall over. It's a fail. So annoying. Also, when you fall over and people yell, "A-O! " It really bugs me so much. - PositronWildhawk

I HATE THIS WORD! How is falling over, dropping something, making a mistake or really anything that isn't done perfectly a "fail! "? So annoying. Everyone at my school says it and I'm sick of it!

I use this word ALL THE TIME

You use it because you're a Douchebag who likes picking on people when they make mistakes.

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48 Lit

I really hope this word dies out soon - Dorito

This word gives me a malignant tumour every time I hear it

Hearing someone say "lit" just makes me cringe.


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49 Dank

Oh My God, This Word is So Annoying!

Sounds stupid and doesn't deserve to refer to coolness.

Where did this even come from a horses butt?

I hate this word too! - chocoluv17

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50 Oohhhh!

Yeah, we get it, you don't need to go on for 30 seconds.

Hey, this is a kind of thing I HAVE to do! I'm clueless. But you don't have to exaggerate and hold it long until you face turns purple. That's just dumb.

But Regular Show is epic!

I HATE it when people say this to me. STFU!

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51 Flaggot
52 Flangsta'

No one says most of these words!

What the hell is a flangsta, definition can't be more stupid then the word itself

Whats a flangsta


53 Pwned

Yea it's a word unintelligent people use when you completely refute their arguments and they have nothing else to say so they declare themselves the winner by saying they "pwned" you. It's a way for dumb people to make themselves feel smart basically.

This word is used by unintelligent people to try and appear smart after they declare themselves the winner of an argument. A truly intelligent person would not do this after winning a debate.

If I cannot pronounce a word then as far as I'm concerned it doesn't exist.

Pwned is used all the time in gaming, such as World of Warcraft, when one faction beats the other. It originated from the word "owned", which means, of course, one side was completely and utterly beaten down. It came to be "pwned" because of the position of the letter "P being next to the letter "O" on the keyboard, and people frequently making a typo when they hastily typed out "Owned! ", and it came out as "Pwned! ". I don't mind it typed in-game, but when somebody says it in a conversation in real life, it sounds pretty silly. (They generally pronounce it as "pawned" as in pawning something in a pawn shop. )


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54 Dab

I agree, The Dab is a really dumb, overused, and a poor excuse for dancing.

I hate it when people dab, it's annoying - chocoluv17

Dabbing, a.k.a sneezing in your arm when you don't need to sneeze.


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55 Hunty

I don't know what this means but I like it

┬ĘCan you go get this HUNTY or honey

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58 Eww

Very annoying one of the most annoying thing, word, phrase with the words corny, duh, loser and pawned - ronluna

Lol, get with it people, even Jimmy Fallon made a song out of this word! It's hilarious

Makes the people who say it look like sissies.

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59 Retarded

You don't call someone retarded if they have a problem, you call someone retarded if they're acting retarded

Yeah I don't like calling people that, I'm sorry not people, crazy insane kids at my swimming club. Yeah they never shut up and keep running around acting stupid when the club is over and we're getting dressed. I wish parents were more responsible 'cause I just want a peaceful life! - sryanbruen

This word is offensive. They use it to say that some one is stupid but that's just rude!

This should not be being used as an insult. one time I was in the car with someone in the parking garage and a person in front of us was going 2 miles per hour. So my dad (driver) screamed: "MOVE YOU RETARD! " it turned out to be an old woman.

An over used word on this site - mayamanga

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60 Triggered

This word is actually offensive to people who have mental problems or are mentally unstable. A trigger causes trauma and anxiety and is usually linked to a horrific experience. Something slightly offensive does not "trigger" someone.


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