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81 Jerk

one of the most annoying words ever - ronluna

Jerk =yum. As in beef jerky or jerk chicken.

I don't see any harm in this word.

COMPLETELY nessecary to use this word when someone is acting like a "Jerk".

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82 Deadass V 1 Comment
83 Deez

It just sounds stupid.

It's so stupid and people say it all the time

I DESPISE that saying!


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84 Shiesty/Shiester

I don't have a clue as to what it means but everyone at my school says it and it drives me crazy!

It means that the person is messed up.. Like if they do something shady or sneaky to you..

A shyster is a professionally unscrupulous person, originally used in reference to lawyers or politicians. Think a cheat, a chisler,

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86 Trill

I hate this word so much that it gives me bloody diarrhea, and it makes me cry on the inside. This is a perfect example of a very crappy word and it should never be used.

Trill is a brand of bird food (at least it is in australia)

Trill is a species of alien from the Star Trek universe. They mostly appear in DS9.

87 Prove It

This is the best phrase ever.

How is this even a dumb word? It's always used correctly! Message me and I can PROVE IT!

I love using this word. Don't believe me? Than I'll prove it to you! :P - RiverClanRocks

Ha! this isn't annoying!

88 Coral

Beautiful underwater marine plant. Also a pretty girls name. that's all no other uses for it. Move on people.

That stupid SpongeBob episode...
Pearl: Gosh! Nobody says cool anymore that's so old! Nowdays people say carrralool! - Harri666

89 Mate

This is not a slang word. Some British and Australian people say it meaning friend. Others say it meaning those two dogs are mates. You wouldn't say those two dogs are boyfriend and girlfriend would you?

Well, some people are not my friend so I don't want them to say it to me. Sorry if I sounded harsh, but its true. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Some South Africans and and various bits of the UK also use mate, it's not restricted to Australia. I also believe it gets used in New Zealand.

If you're not Australian, you have no excuse to say this.

Please quit your life m8,mate is not anoyying infact its one of those rare wordss that will live forever and never become cancer

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90 Clutch

Yo, morons - you are aware that these are a part of a car transmission right? Back in the day many cars had a 3rd pedal known as the clutch, you actually had to depress this pedal in order to shift from one gear to the next - not too many around nowadays as folks are too lazy to drive proper


It was used in Call of Duty when a lat alive killed the entire enemy team.

My car has one of those!

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92 Slay

I see this repeatedly on tumblr and it honestly makes my eyebrow twitch in annoyance. I immediately have a dislike for you if I see you use it.

You slay dragons, not whatever mindless tasks you completed

Used by idiots as a meaningless compliment.

Idiots using this to "fight people with words"

93 Smol

Over used word invented by the god awful fanbase of Twenty One Pilots and used by deviantART/Tumblr hipsters who make up lies about themselves to gain popularity and pity, when in reality, they are just as normal as you would expect. And if people defend this "slang", they are told it's "cute" or "fun"? Please. - Swellow

Ew. Just ew - Organ

94 Cringe

Buzz word. Never even heard people using so much years ago. Nowadays, everything is "cringy." I see it everywhere even though it's far from being "cringy". It's messing stupid.

95 Cringey
96 Meh
97 Snap

this is the dumbest thing ever said

98 Oopsies

OH DEAR! It sounds like a a little 1st grader when he drops something or so!


99 Geez

I'm actually so guilty of this one :/

I'm guilty for using this one - Napstablook

100 Dumb

this is very dumb stupid the car is dumb you are dumb everything is dumb
thats why dumb is the most annoying and dumb slang word - ronluna

Dumb has been around for centuries and was much, much more used back around 1890. Last of all it isn't a slang word.

Thus is not slang. If you want an annoying word look at "dumbass". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This word has been around for over one thousand years. It's an actual word.

Would you prefer we use Stupid all the time?

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