Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words

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101 Doggo

This word is garbage.

I've seen a lot of weeaboos use this word. Absolutely a disgrace to the internet to be honest.

Seriously, is it that hard to say "Dog"? - kcianciulli

102 Cringeworthy
103 Snap

this is the dumbest thing ever said

104 Oopsies

OH DEAR! It sounds like a a little 1st grader when he drops something or so!


105 Geez

I'm actually so guilty of this one :/

I'm guilty for using this one - Napstablook

106 Dumb

this is very dumb stupid the car is dumb you are dumb everything is dumb
thats why dumb is the most annoying and dumb slang word - ronluna

Dumb has been around for centuries and was much, much more used back around 1890. Last of all it isn't a slang word.

Thus is not slang. If you want an annoying word look at "dumbass". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This word has been around for over one thousand years. It's an actual word.

Would you prefer we use Stupid all the time?

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107 Shazam V 2 Comments
108 Heat!
109 Deuces

Deuces means you're leaving like "Deuces people! " Or can mean your gonna take a crap.

This word makes me want to go drop a deuce.

This word it just flat out annoying and it makes absolutely no friggen sense

Deuce. It involves tennis. Or if you're talking about another word for poo

Guilty as charged.

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110 Foo

The word is fool, it's not that difficult to say

Can people not say words these days? Add one more letter please then it will be an actual word.

What Are They Talking About? Foo From Harvey Beaks or are They Just Trying to Be Mr. T?

Who Are They Trying to Be, Mr. T?

111 U

Just say You, just two more letters!

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112 Awesome Sauce

By far the worst 2-word phrase in the history of 2-word phrases! Definitely always used by a not cool at all white chick. I HATE it! I get sick when I hear someone say this!

Good call. I'm not quite sure why, but this one bugs the s@$! Out of me.

I've even heard people in their 40's say it like it's fun and/or clever. - Gronkolonicon

Stupid. That is all, just stupid

It's just stupid. WHY IS IT IN THE DICTIONARY?! - Goatworlds

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113 Finna

It means "going to" or "wanting to"

It's either finally or find A... It's not that hard

What The Hell Does This Even Mean? - kcianciulli

114 Hesh

You are not hesh

115 Boobies

Some people are. Respect them. Nothing wrong with this word. It's Funny.

Vulgar and stupid

Um whats wrong with boobs what are you gay

It's not sexist. You wouldn't say the word dick is sexist. - SammySpore

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116 Smexy

It's one of the most annoying words ever!

This should be in the top 20 even though not many teens say it as others, but it gets on my nerves.

What does this one mean?

WHAT?! - kcianciulli

117 Fag
118 Petty
119 Salty/salt

You're not describing food thanks.

I'm tired of this word! Every boy in my class say salty to everyone when someone does something wrong or gets "PWNED" I also hate that word to.

Whenever you seem to get mad people say this and all it does is get you way more mad.

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120 Jawn

I'm not even sure how to spell it but it's usually like: Get dat Jawn. So it's prety mucn used as any noun. Now there's slang and then there's just plain lazy stupidity!

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