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141 Right

Right. Bobby is afraid of trains. - mayamanga

If I have to hear someone say right one more time. Somehow they believe it makes them sound smarter than they really are,plus its annoying.

142 Tats V 1 Comment
143 Or Nah

As far as I know na is welsh for no. I don't see a reason to use it in english. Regular no is actually shorter, only slightly but still shorter.

Na isn't Welsh for no. Dim isn't Welsh for no. I should know. I'm Welsh.

This word is WAY overused. I mean can one not simply say OR NOT? I blame Ty Dolla $ign and The Weeknd.

Don't blame ty dolla sigh that your so stupid

144 Chenz
145 Basic

Just plain annoying.

146 Kush

So sweeet

147 Wicked

Oooh naughty

148 Bout
149 Relatable

God, When Teenagers Say This, It's Annoying. - kcianciulli


150 Den
151 Pimpin

No real g's be saying it!

152 Flame

Uh. Flame isn't a slang word. Take Flametail from Warrior cats for example. - RiverClanRocks

I love WARRIOR CATS. Flame is not a slang word

Flame is fire

153 Schawing

I think this is just pretty comical, reminds me of Wayne's World when they talk about girls "Schawing! " I wouldn't be annoyed, I would laugh, but I've never heard it said except for on the movie.

154 Shabbap

My daughter when small used to say this for shutup. Cute. WhatsNOT cute is it said by a teenager.

155 Goon

Every black person selling drugs & being "COOL" call them selfsame a "Goon " to show their GANGSTER & HARDCORE, Not knowing is a very very degrading word and thing to be!

Example : " drinking up like a Goon w/ my goons"!

156 Nother

This "n-bomb" is like having hot excrement crammed into my ears. I'd gladly give my life if it would erase this abomination from our language.

157 Aye

Aye, me is a pirate - Harri666

yes - bdawg

Aye sup m9 I'm a MLG. Massive Lack of Genes.

158 Butthead
159 Kicks
160 Doin
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