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161 Bro

Why is it that losers call their friends "bros" even though they're not related?

Pewdiepie made this extremely annoying.

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162 Poppin'
163 Holla

Like in my opinion I use it to say hello or to call me or to make plans.

164 Awesomeness

This is the epitome of how poor language has become.

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165 Poontang
166 Cracka

I'm assuming this is shortened slang for the word cracker (white person)? Like gangsta for gangster.

This slang doesn't even make any sense. - nintendofan126

167 Peeps

It sounds like something a 5 year old would say I mean really grow up or read a dictionary

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168 Whatevz V 1 Comment
169 YTF
170 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

...this is from Mary Poppins... And no one says this.

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171 Beast

I hate when people say, "Ooooh, I'm a Beast." It is really Annoying. You wish you were that Cool.

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172 Radical

What are you talking about? This word is well used

173 Cool Beans

This makes NO sense. I mean what does beans have to do with something being cool?! What's next? Awesome taco! ? Rocking hamburgers?

Yes, considering your statement "what does beans" is grammatically incorrect. - RockFashionista

Why would anyone want to say cool, and to add beans to the subject doesn't make thing any better...

Person 1) hey
Person 2) what?
Person 1) I just got this awesome thing...
Person 1) Cool Beans! That's so cool... " Beans."
What the what?

Makes me think of farting for obvious reasons - mayamanga

If you have not read the book Wonder by R. J Palacio, then you do not understand this word. - Wolftail

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174 Fleek

Just some absurd noise some idiot made up and more idiots thought it sounded cool. Although, usually it is an "expression": "Her hair is "on fleek"."

Don't know where the heck this came from.

If Chick Fil A banned it, why can't we?

175 Booty

This word originally meant to describe treasure taken from an enemy in a conflict or war. Now, however, it is another word for someone's butt.

Ohh my bootie! I promise I'll never sit on you again! - mayamanga

The first time I heard it was in the seventies. It was in the song " Shake your booty " by Kc and the Sunshine band ( I thought it meant boots at the time, seems I was wrong ).

I hate this, every time I hear it I feel as though my ears have been assualted! - Charleygal

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176 C***

If it is used by English People, I am fine with it. If it is used by a wanna-be-English Just no. - floridiancat

Best insult word ever.

Four words: Cambridge University Netball Team

It means vagina

177 Rekt

It's a word people always say it in games "get rekt m8" "I rekt your team noob"

I feel like hanging myself when I hear it it makes me rage and it PISSES ME OFF

As if "wrecked" wasn't annoying enough.

Shortened meme version of wrecked. Anytime I see someone use it I immediately correct them on the spelling.

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178 Cup

I am told by youngsters it mean to embarrass yourself. Whats next -plate, spoon, etc.

ANNOYING other Students used to ask me to spell ICUP all the time. It was so ANNOYING! At first I didn't know what it was. Until I spelt it. "Ew. You see me Pee. That's Gross." Oh my God. Shut up!

179 Shawty
180 Badass
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