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21 Friends of Mine

Timeless quality. Nicks finest work

Second best underrated song of DD...

22 Bedroom Toys
23 Khanada
24 What Happens Tomorrow

Great song very Duran

The original lineup with Nile Rodgers production. I highly rate this DD track from 2003.

25 Is There Something I Should Know?

This is my favourite Duran Duran song. All of there songs were classics but this, The Reflex and Hungry Like The Wolf are my top 3. It's massively underrated this song I think, and this was their 1st number 1 so one of the biggest hits. Also the video is great. The guys look real smart and it's highly addictive. Thanks Simon, John, Roger, Nick and Andy and remember guys, you're about as easy as a nuclear war!

How can this song be this low! Duran Duran's first number 1! Like everything for this song fit together. John's bass is as usual epic, Andy with a killer guitar, Nick always creates the best synths to put in, especially for this! One of Roger's best song especially with the start! And Simon is always on form, and the lyrics he created are fantastic. Get voting!

Still contemplating doing a lip-sync music video to this song. I got a definite spot for this one. Favourite music video of the band for my taste. The opening is the most addictive bit. With those heavy drums. "Please, Please tell me now! " DUN DUN!

It's one of the best songs they ever recorded, the perfect beginning to the 1983-84 tour, and still my favorite song ever.

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26 Palomino

This is so underrated, most beautiful song, and live it is even better. Probably my favourite ever Duran Duran song.

27 Do You Believe In Shame?


28 Night Boat

One of their darker ones, but definitely a gem. Miss hearing this one live.

29 A Matter of Feeling
30 Hold Back the Rain

Best Duran Duran song ever. Bass line is splendid and sound is so rich.

Classic song from their prime album, Rio.

John Taylor and that killer bass line! Amazing song. And as a bass player myself, the best bass line I've probably heard. Thanks JT

Definitely should be in the top 20. The original version on the US release of Rio is much more rock oriented. John and Roger's pounding rhythm so drives the song and Andy's guitar rocks! Simon's vocals are spot on for the frantic pace of the song. Perfection šŸ˜‰

31 Faster Than Light
32 I Take the Dice
33 To the Shore
34 Big Bang Generation
35 Sound of Thunder

I actually love listening to this track more than any other on the debut album. It has replaced "anyone out there" as my favorite. It should have been released as a single in the US! It could have actually charted and recieved radio play.

They had so many great songs. This one should be up there.

First recorded song from DD. 2:20 killer synth!

36 Falling Down

The fact that this song doesn't make the top ten makes me sad. This song is a rare masterpiece, it tugs you somewhere deep in your heart. - kreefan11

This one of Duran Duran's best. Should be in the Top Ten.

RCM is actually quite good and this song particularly shines. Should have been a big hit, but as it goes, all radio stations are owned by a few large corporationss who dictate what is heard by the masses. Radio is mostly ageist and still view Duran as an 80's band when they have far transcended that label.

This is an epic song folks... Too bad it came from the underrated RCM album, should be higher up this list!

37 The Man Who Stole a Leopard

For sure this song should be in the top ten, really exciting from the very first note and such a lovely story! Come on vote her up!

Unusual and thrilling thing, lyrics and story about the leopard girl are very romantic. One of the best Duran Duran song!

Great Song! I play it everyday because of the melody, the lyrics and the sentiment. Simon LeBon never disappoints with his lyrics. Ever since he showed up at the Rum Runner club and auditioned for the band with his book of poetry, Duran Duran has been in good hands!

Best piece from AYNIN. Sometimes I just realize that I can't get this track out of my head. Genial.

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38 (Reach Up for The) Sunrise
39 Lady Xanax
40 Beautiful Colours

Even though this song was not finished its really really really good.

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