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41 Serious
42 Leave a Light On

Are you all kidding me? This like one of the best Songs ever!

Agreed - a fantastic song. Top 5?

Great song, I would put this around 8 or 9 on the list.

43 All She Wants Is

I personally think this song should be number 1, not number 43, but that's of course my opinion.

Totally underrated! Best dance track

44 Vertigo

The most beautiful piece of music in C minor in the world, just after Beethoven 5th's

45 Sunrise

This song is the new sunrise to their astonishing career!

46 White Lines
47 I Don't Want Your Love

This is a top-tenner, for sure.

48 Election Day

I remember when this was released. It is a great song but there were worries that Duran was split for good, so never really enjoyed it as much as when they re-formed (Same with Power Station). What made this cool was Grace Jones in the middle of the song followed by Simon's growl! Classic. It has a rich synth sound and the melody is great. The album takes some time to "get" but it is worth the time investment.

Arcadia songs should certainly be included in this list as the brain trust is the same, Election Day is good but The Promise and The Flame are better. The remixes of the So Red the Rose songs are outstanding.

I've never even heard of this song, but it sounds good.

49 Shadows On Your Side

This song moves at the speed of sound and the synths are great! Vote this one up!

This is one of my favorite DD songs. The harmonies are pure Duran Duran... Simon at his best and the song moves. A great synth song with a haunting "police siren" in the background. I never make a long trip mix CD without this song because it never fails to disappoint. It is from Seven and the Ragged Tiger... Give it a try!

50 Electric Barbarella

Lovely song! It's really mesmerizing and every time I listen to it, I can't help but go back to the 80's and relive my memories as a Duran Duran fan!

Best video of all times and an extremely uplifting thang!

51 Out of My Mind

This closing credits track from the 1997 remake of "The Saint" (starring Val Kilmer) was so good, I immediately had to seek out and buy the soundtrack--and I was living in Hong Kong at the time. In the vein of "Come Undone," this tune is seductive and musically rich. "Light a candle, lay flowers at your door..." Please put this on your setlist when you tour!

The music and production is rich and oriental... It's a beautiful love song, and perfectly used in the ending credits for The Saint. Should be in the top 3.

You're all mad - this is classic. Top 3 at least

Seductive, catching music, perfect vocals. I fell in love with this song and cannot stop listening. definitely one of their best songs!

52 Starting to Remember
53 Nice

What is this song doing at #50?!? Serious song for die hard fans (b-side to union of the snake, I think)

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54 Secret Oktober

Their finest and most under-rated song... written in one night and could have done with having an extra verse. As a consequence it is a tad too short.

55 Mediterranea

Mediterranea shows the sentimental and incredibly immersive side of Duran Duran. It's blissfully unique descriptive and a perfect melodic mix of guitar chords, fine vocals and an assortment of other musical apparatus make this one of Duran Duran's finest musical compositions. Immeasurable and Unquestionable quality here.

Such brilliance must not be shunned unto the darkness, emancipate the greatness!

Agreed. This song should be way way up the list for sure.

This song is a pure gem and highly atmospheric.

56 Pressure Off

The more I hear it the better it gets, could storm up this chart

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57 What Are the Chances

On the latest album so many people won't know this song but it's Simon and the band at their best and feels like the song was written during their peak

58 Sunset Garage
59 Tel Aviv
60 American Science
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