Top Ten Embarrassing Moments

Life has an evil way of putting every one of us in an embarrassing situation once in a while. Think about the most embarrassing situation you have ever experienced while voting, not the imaginary, conceptual "Ooh! That would be Bad" but more of the "That was the worst of the ones I've experienced".

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1 Pantsed With No Underwear

I wasn't wear underwear for one year once my friend call me after school when there were no teachers or any one and they locked the classroom I am a new student so they do ranging and forced me to down my shirt and pants I am doing this slowly but some strong boys said down your pants there are girls also 8 girls and 4 boys so I down my pants and then they said he don't wear underwear I will tell it to everyone if you not dance so I dance for 30 minutes

Once I am standing with my two friends I said who beat him will go and then a second friend reply who pull down my pants will go the the third friend pull it down I am not wearing an underwear the second friend laughed at me the third friend was very powerful I can't beat him then when I am going he again pull down my pants and laugh

Once I forgot to wearing underwear and in school there is swimming classes but I forgot to wear underwear I go to changing room and I am afraid that I didn't wear underwear and some bad boys came and pull my pant and take photos too so embarrassing.

Once in a beach iam playing with my friend and talking about underwear I by mistake accidently pulled his underwear then for that he beats me very much and then he put off all my clothes and made me naked from head to toe and then in front of every friend he showed me naked and every one laughed at me and I have to say that iam a poor guy and as a third punishment is that I am his servant forever and every time comes nake in front of him when he says put off your clothe I have to do I saying him boss and all his friends and do what they says these are his five punishments

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2 Walking in on your parents having sex

Okai so like I had my bed in my parents room,I was 4 then. Because my room was being fixed up. So I fell asleep but in the middle of the night,it happened. They started having sex. I woke up since they were shaking the bed. I pretend to be asleep. My dad was on my mom and I got freaked out that u woke them up by hitting my moms forehead (accidently). The next morning I told her what I saw (but she got mad because I said sex)

I am scarred for life - LittleLovelies

No, I don't want to see my parents nude and having their genitals clashing against each other. - SwagFlicks

I was once caught having Sex with my boyfriend. He was eating me out when my parents walked in because I was moaning too loud.

Once when I was like 5 or something, I was not getting sleep till around midnight. Suddenly, I heard noises coming from my parents room. I went to check, my mom was saying 'nibble' continually. I opened the door and saw them doing it. M mom was asking my dad to nibble on her. To this day I am scared.

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3 Peeing on yourself

My mom peed herself in school once. - Powerfulgirl10

Well I'm embarrassed because I peed myself in 3rd grade. Teachers don't let us use restrooms at school,during class. - LittleLovelies

LittleLovlies, I hope you told your parents about this. They shoild complain. No child should have to hold it in untill they wet themselves

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4 Laughing so hard, milk squirts out your nose

How is this embarrassing? It's just funny but weird, can't believe this is number five.

5 Having your diaper changed in public

One time I was at SeaWorld, and two grandparents were changing their granddaughter outside in public. My grandma even yelled, "Look at that girl naked! " I bet that was so embarrassing for the grand-couple.

Asian kids ALWAYS get their diapers changed in public. I have seen this WAY too many times growing up, especially in Philadelphia's Chinatown (where I live)

If I ever was caught having this done to me over the age of three, I'd keel myself. Especially if it was on youtube

I saw a 7 year old getig his pant down by his mother to chage in public

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6 Spitting while talking, especially on your crush...

I know, this is so embarrassing… my crush is really cool, calm, yet he jokes around every breaktime. (Exhales) Oliver…

7 When your mom says something about your crush when they are near

No one knows about my crush From my family, so no worries for me!

Especially a bad thing about them. - Powerfulgirl10

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8 Getting gum stuck on your lips from blowing a bubble

How is this embarrassing? - Powerfulgirl10

I do this all the time. - Hermione_Granger220

9 Nude on stage (during nursery play)

If that happened I would fall down my head would spin 180 degrees, then my tongue would turn upside down and pop out of my eyes. Then I would turn bald and all my hair would turn to liquid and come out of my pores. Then I would have no hair anywhere on my body. Then my legs would do a splits and my upper torso will rip out of the bottom and then... The worst part is coming up! I would turn into Justin Bieber...


This is just a bad idea to make someone naked on stage during nursery plays, and if I forgot to mention, BAD IDEA! - blst0033

@SmoothCriminal Did this actually hapen to you?!

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10 Farting in public

It's so hard to hold it in!

So embarrassing! Especially when in a public restroom

Let it go let it goo not gonna hold it in anymore!

Who did a trump? You did a trump!
(That means fart) - lovefrombadlands

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11 Parents making Love

well we all got here somehow - LightningFast4

uh, gag. I don't want that pic in my head. - horserida911

thanks for bring up the memories

Thanks a lot for putting THAT image in my head. - Powerfulgirl10

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12 Caught Masturbating

especially at the confort room where there are many girls screaming when they saw you doing it because you see them peeing - ronluna

It would suck for anybody that this happend to. - Razor79

Now I have a bad memory in my head: In fourth grade, some of my friends (that were girls) got spanked by some idiot (who was a boy) during gym. I feel so bad for them. - Powerfulgirl10

I always masturbate in the bathroom with the door LOCKED, or in the dead of night in bed

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13 Breaking up with someone

Once again how is this embarrassing? It's sad, but why would you be embarrassed more than anything else on this list?

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14 When your friend picks their nose
15 Ran out of Toilet Paper

omg that would hecka suck - Okami

This once happened to me. I was stuck in the restroom for almost half an hour - Coleybuddy

Laugh out loud. Dad I think we ran out of toilet paper laugh out loud

... this situation would be a living nightmare. - SwagFlicks

16 Opposite Sex Public Restroom

When I was in first or second grade, the girls restroom was closed for cleaning, so the girl janitor offered me to go into the boy's restroom. This is what I did : I looked in the bathroom then I thought " there's no way I'm going in there " and I left. I can't believe that the janitor would even say that to a first grader! - funnyuser

One time, I had a dream where I went to the boys bathroom and even my unrealistic second grade dream was horrible. On an unrelated note, I sing in public bathrooms until someone comes in. Then I stop and hope they didn't hear me. - lovefrombadlands

Haha I did this and when I got out of the one stalled bathroom there was an old guy staring at me whilst looking desperate to piss. He seemed pretty disgusted, I was too to be honest

It happened to me in 8th grade a bunch of hot guys (none of them are my crush) were in there thank god they were nice - Ihateschool

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17 Caught on Tape
18 Caught Stealing

That's wrong in many ways

19 When your crush rejects you

Once my crush rejects me and made me naked head to toe in public I have to become naked head to toe in public then she call me in her room and she beats me and said that I will do this daily once me and my friends are walking my old crush came and said strip all your clothes with an hunter on her hand an said to my friend you too she said come in my van and then be naked I will take you to my home I said ok and the I do that then she removes me from her van and said come to my house totake your clothes I went there and she slaps me and rejected me

And then everybody is gossiping about it a day later... - SwagFlicks

My old crush likes a blond skinny girl with blue eyes.

Oh how uh sad? :,( jk

20 Nose Picking

Because it's really disgusting

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