Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments

Life has an evil way of putting every one of us in an embarrassing situation once in a while. Think about the most embarrassing situation you have ever experienced while voting. Not the imaginary, conceptual "Ooh! That would be bad" but more of the "That was the worst of the ones I've experienced".
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1 Pantsed with no underwear

Once in april fools day my friends plan to do prank with me after school she said me to wear trousers and come in her home iwas very happy but when I go there with flowers to give her immediately some strong boys of my class comes and down my trousers and ran away I wasn't wearing underwear in front of my friend so embarrassing.

BAD MEMORIES BAD BAD BAD AAAHH! Once I was walking around school and then some 11th grade bullies spotted me and picked me up then they plonked me in the most populated areas in the school...the field. Then they tried to pull down my pants but I was strong...until the biggest bully came and helped...they then succeeded! I was now naked and the bullies took pictures and posted it to THE WHOLE SCHOOL! (Apart from the teachers, I'm sure they're not that daft.) and when I went to school the next day...everyone pointed and shouted NAKED BOY! So embarrassing!

Once I forgot to wearing underwear and in school there is swimming classes but I forgot to wear underwear I go to changing room and I am afraid that I didn't wear underwear and some bad boys came and pull my pant and take photos too so embarrassing.

Once my neighbour came she is a small children but very dangerous she has a room where girls down boys pants and see underwear if anyone don't she make him walk fully naked from head to toe she also beat

2 Catching parents making love

Okai so like I had my bed in my parents room,I was 4 then. Because my room was being fixed up. So I fell asleep but in the middle of the night,it happened. They started having sex. I woke up since they were shaking the bed. I pretend to be asleep. My dad was on my mom and I got freaked out that u woke them up by hitting my moms forehead (accidently). The next morning I told her what I saw (but she got mad because I said sex)

I am scarred for life

I was once caught having Sex with my boyfriend. He was eating me out when my parents walked in because I was moaning too loud.

No, I don't want to see my parents nude and having their genitals clashing against each other.

I never want to think about that moment ever again (I was in the room when they made love). *gags

3 Soiling yourself

When I was in 7th grade, I was walking home from with my sister. I had to use the bathroom but the places with restrooms were disgusting and dirty so I held it. When we got to our street she decided to run up the block. I tried to chase her but ended up peeing on myself. I looked around to see if anyone saw and saw a black car turn on across the street. I started to cry because I'm emotional and I was upset. I was so embarrassed. I told my grandma and then she told my neighbor and he told me to use the restroom next time. Now I know that I shouldn't hold my bladder and I can't trust people with secrets like that.

Okay, I was in 7th grade last year when I was in Science class. I have to use the bathroom super badly. I was going to ask the teacher but the announcement said that the Girl's bathroom is off limit till Lunch. OMG! I can't believe it! I have to hold it for couple more hour! My bladder was screaming at me. At the end of English class, I peed myslef. Thank goodness no one saw it. When I got home, I change my pant before my mom notice it.

LittleLovlies, I hope you told your parents about this. They shoild complain. No child should have to hold it in untill they wet themselves

Well I'm embarrassed because I peed myself in 3rd grade. Teachers don't let us use restrooms at school,during class.

4 Laughing so hard your drink squirts out your nose

How is this embarrassing? It's just funny but weird, can't believe this is number five.

5 Accidentally spitting while talking

Luckily, I barely ever talk to people! Except my friends.

Oh God this happens too much to me

This happens to everyone

This happens to me.

6 Someone says something about your crush when they are near

No one knows about my crush From my family, so no worries for me!

Why would you tell your mom your crush though?

Especially a bad thing about them.

My crush never talks to me anymore

7 Getting gum stuck on your lips from blowing a bubble

This one isn't embarrassing.

How is this embarrassing?

I do this all the time.

That’s not embarrassing.

8 Accidentally farting in front of someone

Once you're a master at holding farts in, you can go into a corner and "let the storm rage on". (I hate Frozen by the way) (I know this is stereotyping but it's just a meme)
How boys fart: Let the storm rage on
How girls fart: Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

I farted in front of class when I was in 6th grade and everyone laughed at me. even worse, my CRUSH was there

So embarrassing! Especially when in a public restroom

Let it go let it goo not gonna hold it in anymore!

9 Getting caught masturbating

At my sweet 16 (I had forgotten it was) and I didn't know it but my mom was plan a surprise birthday party but I thought mom was at work when I got home as she normally is t apparently that day she got off early and was hiding with 6 of my family members including my grandma and 3 friends from school
They couldn't see m but they knew I was in the house however I didn't know this and immediately after walking into the door, took my skirt off exposing my panties, hey I need to have someway of relaxing after school I sit on the couch put my favorite show on and started rubbing myself after a minute I took my panties off and grabbed my dildo from under the couch which mom didn't know about at the time, and just as I got it halfway the whole group jumped up and got halfway through surprise when they saw the dildo halfway up my slit and me naked there long story short everybody saw me in glorious nudity and I never masturbate unless I'm in my room wit.h the door locked

Now I have a bad memory in my head: In fourth grade, some of my friends (that were girls) got spanked by some idiot (who was a boy) during gym. I feel so bad for them.

Guys guys guys don't talk about how you play with yourself, we don't need to know how you do it or that you do it at all. Ugh.

I always masturbate in the bathroom with the door LOCKED, or in the dead of night in bed

10 Breaking up with someone

Once again how is this embarrassing? It's sad, but why would you be embarrassed more than anything else on this list?

Uhh how is this embarrassing

The Contenders
11 Run out of toilet paper

This once happened to me. I was stuck in the restroom for almost half an hour

Laugh out loud. Dad I think we ran out of toilet paper laugh out loud

and then you have to ask someone for it

omg that would hecka suck

12 Walking into the wrong bathroom

I was on a school field trip in 6th grade. My class went to a college for a tour and they took us to the bathroom. I really had to go so I went to the bathroom on the right. I looked around and saw urinals. I was so confused until I saw boys go into the bathroom. I ran out feeling embarrassed and the girls in my class were making fun of me for the whole week.

I walked in to the bathroom to take a dump, and it didn’t even occur to me at the time that their was no urinals. I start going poop, and somebody walked into the stall next to me. I look at their shoes and see skinny jeans and girl shoes. I’m silently flipping out, so I throw my hood over my head and look backwards, so she can’t see my face. She leaves, and even before I was done pooping, I get out of the bathroom and leave. I was so lucky nobody caught me

This happened to me twice once at a wedding I eat chocolate and it melted on my hands then I walk into the girls bathroom instead of the boys bathroom to wash my hands I notced all just stalls then when I walked out I read the sign it said ladys. The other time was in grade 10 I was new to my school then I was walking at lunch time and I had to go to the bathroom then I accidentally walked into the girls bathroom, then I saw just stalls then I checked the sign, it was girls, k felt very embarrassed

When I was in first or second grade, the girls restroom was closed for cleaning, so the girl janitor offered me to go into the boy's restroom. This is what I did : I looked in the bathroom then I thought " there's no way I'm going in there " and I left. I can't believe that the janitor would even say that to a first grader!

13 Your friend picks their nose

Luckily, my friends don’t participate in such actions.

14 Getting caught stealing

I got caught trying to steal all the free samples at the mall once

Once you are in trouble then you are in big trouble

That's wrong in many ways

15 Getting caught nose picking

Because it's really disgusting

16 Getting rejected by your crush

And then everybody is gossiping about it a day later...

My old crush likes a blond skinny girl with blue eyes.

Once my crush rejects me and sttipped all my clothes

Once my crush rejects me and made me naked head to toe in public I have to become naked head to toe in public then she call me in her room and she beats me and said that I will do this daily once me and my friends are walking my old crush came and said strip all your clothes with an hunter on her hand an said to my friend you too she said come in my van and then be naked I will take you to my home I said ok and the I do that then she removes me from her van and said come to my house totake your clothes I went there and she slaps me and rejected me

17 Wetting yourself

One time at school my friend told me a joke and I laughed so hard I wet my pants So I had to call my mom to change. And the worst thing was this girl who is mean to me saw to!

Definitely the most embarrassing thing that's happened to me!

Laugh out loud just so embarrassing!

Absolutely awful!

18 Getting caught having sex

there's paparazzi watching you two and they spread your sex videos in the porntube

19 People seeing a dirty spot on your underwear

How is that possible? And why would they be seeing your underwear?

Why would people be seeing someone's underwear?

20 Sad crying in public

I cried at school so many times. The main reason was mean teachers

I cried at school a few times. so embarrassing

Okai. It happens. I am a emotional person.

21 Getting the lowest mark in class on a test

This happened not too me but one of my friends we were preparing for a final exam in computer class and then we took the test and then the teacher handed the test scores, everyone (including me) made 100% except for my one of friend who made a 72% on his test and that's because he forgot to study the review for the test.

I love maths, and my dream job is to work for Apple...ok that's nothing to do with math but I just wanted to say that, on with the story...I done a math test and everyone thinks I will get the highest mark because I am very smart, it was about calculus by the way, then we all went to see the scores...AND I GOT THE LOWEST OF 12/45! Everyone laughed and thought I was a loser...whyyy? :(

Happened to me... Really it kind of sucked. My friend was like "who got the lowest score? Let's go see _____" And I actually had the lowest... AND YES IT WAS A MATH TEST, ACTUALLY

Well. In my class I am usually one of the few people that are passing. I like to see who is the lowest in the class. The lowest is 13 and the highest is 75.

22 Saying "you too" when someone says, "happy birthday!"

I was in Maine once and I woke up and it was my birthday so my cousin maddie told me happy birthday and I said thanks but when my other cousin Colin told me I said back you too

Watch Brian Regan's "You too and stuff! " stand up comedy on YouTube. It sums it up so well

This is actually very embarrassing. Whenever I say this I always cringe.

Haha this happened to me in first grade when I was in a hurry to go somewhere

23 Getting caught talking to yourself

This happens to me sometimes I will be talking to my self and my brother will sneak in, or my mom will hear me talking and ask, "who you talking to? " I always feel embarrassed when I get caught talking to myself

This happened to me. That person thought I was insane and nearly dragged me to a mental hospital. Lol

This happens to me sometimes, I talk to my self then my brother or dad hear me I feel so embarrased every time

My mom thinks that I have mental problems if I talk to myself.

24 Sporting a black eye

One time in 5th grade, we were playing Capture The Flag Elite with bowling pins, and someone was running with a bowling pin and someone ran into the bowling pin and hit them right in the eye. OW

25 Getting caught watching porn

Looking at my search history on Safari, I'm a bad kid! (it is a parody I made)

How would you like being embarrassed and getting punished too?

This happened to me and well you get the picture

Please no. I don't even want to talk about it.

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