Me Talkin' About Stuff 1#: Doing Dumb Stuff

If you know me for more than 6 monthhs, you should know that I reference a lot of things that I did which involves me being an idiot. We all do stuff that seems out of place like killing a bird, blowing up a nuke in 1945, killing a president and piss off people on the internet. It's all normal and we all don't need to get worried over. No, I'm joking because were all born as a mstake.....

One time I was making a sarcastic tweet to a YouTuber and what happened was not pretty. That guy was calling me a hater and a fellow of his friends and fans joined in as well. So what I was getting at was that thet were a bunch of retards and it is actually proven that not understanding sarcasm is a sign of an unhealthy brain and will most likely cause a stroke. Well, I do hope one day that will happen so I can joke about it to everyone because I made someone suffer from a stroke.

Speaking of dark jokes, alot of people were making some good ol' ebola jokes at my English class. Some were good but most of it sucked. But then, I tried to make a joke about other diseases like cancer and you want to know everyone's reaction? They told me that it wasn't funny and people die from it.... Ok, make a joke about ebola for the sake of it is funny but make a joke of cancer then you can go to hell and die from it. Logic! The only reason why they do it is because it's trendy and anything trendy means it's normal. If licking chewed gum off a curb was a trend then everyone would have done a good job of community service.

You ever caused controversy with someone? I did it once and it was serious! I'm talking deep water of hot methane and nuclear waste of seriousness. Getting called out by a fairly famous YouTuber. I've talked about it enough but it's literally more golden than a Buddha statue because it shows how people can take anything out of context. Here it is folks!
This why you should always double check if your statement is correct or not.

I somehow didn't die from falling off a swing from a few months ago. I was on the swing and for some reason, Connor decided to pushed my swing full force and he did that whiles I was swinging away. So that equals going to a dangerous height were my bottom wasn't on the seat. He literally swung me so hard that made me go off the bound on the swing so what happened was that I fell into the ground and somehow didn't even die. I didn't know how but I think the swing broke my fall as my legs caught the seat of the swing right before I hut the ground or something like that and now here I am, talkin' about stuff and I have no outro sorted so....



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