Sharing Embarrassing Moments

Powerfulgirl10 Hey, followers, and other TopTenners. Anybody willing to share some embarrassing moments from your life in this post?

I'd share some too, but I might end up regretting it in the future:

So I had this one bug fear as a kid, and it was a total disaster. It ended up ruining my life, especially my soccer life. I was mainly afraid of bugs that hurt you, like bees, wasps, and spiders, and I would not stop focusing on them in my first few games and practices. And when I was... something like 9 years old, one of the stupidest and most humiliating events happened to me: I thought a bee was trying to sting me, and I ran back crying to my parents, and humiliating myself in front of a bunch of kids and their parents. I was pretty much screaming *gags to the thought of the screaming* "There's a bee chasing me! There's a bee chasing me!" all the way to my parents. I was acting like a five-year-old being bullied by a thug. It was one of the worst days of my life, and I wish it never happened.

And another thing I might regret saying:

This is another backstory that involves my dumb bug fear from three years ago. I woke up at around 10:00 pm, and I had to pee very badly. But my dumb spider fear made me decide to hold it up until morning. But, it turns out I failed the challenge, and ended up wetting the bed. It was massive, and I mean MASSIVE. I was too embarrassed to let my parents find out, so I just put on a similar pair of pants and threw the other pair in the hamper. My parents ended up finding out and making me extremely guilty. Oh, and worse, the pants I peed in were ones that I got for Christmas. I can't find them now, but they used to have the scent of urine. So if you want to know why I sprung a leak at the age of 9, then that's the story.

Man, I was a frickin' coward at the age of 9, wasn't I?

Well, there you have it. My dumb backstories from my life. If you're brave enough to share some bad stories from your life, then comment down below.


I was about 3 years old, I went to a Soriana (a mexican supermarket) restroom. I was peeing in the urinal when someone flushed the toilet, it flushed very loudly. SO LOUDLY that I ran away NAKED in the supermarket. To this day, I'm not afraid of the sound anymore.

Also when I was 6, I was an idiot. In a soccer match, I pulled down my pants for some ass reason.

I cringe at my immature past events. It stopped in January 2014 because my voice started to become deeper and my parents told me to act like a grown up - visitor

Thanks for sharing! No offense, but this made me laugh. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I was doing a reading at my school for the first time and I stuttered and stammered for more than half a minute. You should've seen the look on those 2000 faces staring eight at me. It was both scary and embarrassing. - visitor

Do not worry, bro.

I had a fear of big urban legends. When I was 11, I was at little great school but during that, I was scared to go on the last stall of the girl's bathroom because of the Hanaku-san, a legend in Japan that haunts last stalls in bathrooms especially Japanese ones. I was challenged to be in the last stall by the boys and they looked at the bathroom until I came in but when I came there, I RAN MY BUTT AWAY AND ENDED UP FALLING DOWN! And that, I had injured my right leg. - ArigatoKawaii

When I was younger I was taking a shot at the doctor's room at school on the first floor of the building (my school has some kind of mini hospital). I have a phobia of needles and the shot hurts so I screamed. After getting that shot I went to the second floor where my class is. Some of my friends are already in the class. One of them asked me "Who screamed? She screamed so loud! " I ignored that question and just walk back to my desk like nothing ever happened - visitor

I accidently drank beer when I was 6 and was in public - Nateawesomeness

That's not embarrassing, that's hardcore - visitor

Savage - iliekpiez

While visiting Bohol April-May 2015, I picked up ice cubes from someone else's glass, That is bad table manners in Bohol. Everyone was embarrassed by my actions - Neonco31

It's about a week ago, Our Physics teacher gave us work to prepare topic to present in class and when my turns come I don't why but all the boys of my class starting laughing I don't even start my speech and the whole matter goes embarrassing usually I'm very confident for speeches but that day whole time during speech I just put my eyes down and One boy say in middle of my speech " It's great to see you " & I... I just feeling so shame, Don't want to face that thing again - Righteous

When I was eight I was visiting Los angelous and I went to the bathroom. I was pretty jumpy for some reason and when I opened the door this REALLY REALLY short women is coming over to me. Since I was eight, I started screaming really loudly, I guess I thought she was a witch or something. I still cringe about that time - visitor

I can only think of one embarrassing moment. I was supposed to read a lesson in my second language (it was a punishment because I did not bring my books). I read the lesson but I mispronounced many words. As a result, I was mocked by fellow students and friends. And I had to deal with greater shame later on... - visitor

Got an erection in public - visitor

Pervert - iliekpiez

I got beat by my mom in a public bathroom. - visitor

My uncle made me scares to cockroaches. He throws it to me when I was a baby!

Screw you, cockroaches, you ruins my life. - visitor

Screamed like heck when about to take a shot (What? Needles are scary! ). This has happened multiple times. And do you know what's more embarrassing? My younger sister didn't even get scared when taking shots (but believe me, I'm MUCH braver than her when it comes to other things, like animals). Ah, screw needle-phobia... - visitor

I yelled shut up at a buzzing fly in a supermarket. It was purely involuntary, but everyone in the store looked at me like I was crazy - purpleyoshi98

Just today, during science, a dripping sink literally aggravated me. - IcetailofWishClan

One time my mother caught me pooping in frog style(both legs on the toilet seat) while I was listening to the USSR anthem and singing along to it. - styLIShT