Embarrassing Things That Happened To Me

Inspired by styLIShT and MarioNinja101.

Hello everyone! It’s lovefrombadlands and today I’m going to be talking about my embarrassing moments. Most of them involve me getting caught singing at school. Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin!

The first embarrassing moment took place on my way to band. I was walking down the hallway singing Love Somebody by Maroon 5 quietly. In case you were wondering, the lyrics are “I really wanna love somebody, I really wanna dance the night away.” Well, I was singing that and an annoying boy walked up to me and said “Who do you wanna love? Is it me?” So I went the other way.

The second thing I will be telling you about happened on the bus. I had my earbuds in so I couldn’t hear other people, but my iPod had no charge. Suddenly, an amazing song came on the radio. It was Bad At Love! I began singing along because I thought no one could hear me. I sounded quite bad, but unluckily for me, everyone on the bus could hear me and liked it. They started clapping when the song ended, so I tried to hide behind my backpack.

The third embarrassing moment happened in the hallway. I was on my way back to class after I went to the bathroom (too much information!) and I was singing Young God quite loudly because no one else was there. I got to the part “but do you feel like a young god” when a mean strict teacher opened her door, made a grumpy face at me, and then slammed it. Let’s all take a moment (except me) to be thankful that it didn’t happen to you.

The fourth thing happened in choir. I was working on my project quietly singing Is There Somewhere when my choir director walked up to me and said “why don’t you sing that in front of the class?” I hid behind my iPad. “Come on, do it,” my choir director said. “Or I’ll give you detention.” So I had to sing Is There Somewhere in front of the class. It was horrible!

The fifth thing happened at recess. My friends were talking to each other and I was bored so I started singing Heaven In Hiding. Then, one of them said “be quiet! She’s singing!” Then I stopped.

The sixth thing happened at the school library. We were doing our presentations and mine had background music, the song was Walls Could Talk. There were people testing and I didn’t know that my volume was all the way up. When it was my turn to present, all you could hear was “BEEN ABOUT 3 DAYS AND I’M COMING BACK!” Everyone stared at me, and that day I learned to check my volume. Unfortunately, I forgot my lesson when the seventh thing happened.

During the seventh thing, we were doing standardized tests. My teacher let us listen to music, so I went on Spotify and listened to my playlist. I was doing my test for a while, and then Heaven In Hiding came on. Suddenly, I fell out of my chair (that’s not the most embarrassing part of this!) and I wondered why my music stopped playing. My volume was all the way up, and I pressed play. The music stopped because my earbuds unplugged, and everyone in the classroom heard Heaven In Hiding really loud. That’s a good thing, because the class heard the best song.

The eighth and arguably most embarrassing thing happened during a play in 5th grade. I was singing a solo, and guess what happened! My skirt fell down in front of a crowd full of everyone’s parents. To make it worse, I was wearing Hello Kitty underwear. Everyone started laughing at me.

That’s all of this post, I hope you enjoyed reading about horrible things happening to me!


These are really embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as your mom catching you pooping while singing the communist anthem in frog style - styLIShT

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