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21 Double Date bust

Nuff said that just sucked

22 Walking into the wrong bathroom

I think this is awful because one time in third grade it was my first time upstairs and I couldn't find the bathroom until I saw it however I didn't read the signs so I ran in the boys bathroom

that could be interesting too - MatrixGuy

I am so cautious about this that I Always read the sign twice and feel it and see who comes out. - spongebobgymnast

This happened to me twice once at a wedding I eat chocolate and it melted on my hands then I walk into the girls bathroom instead of the boys bathroom to wash my hands I notced all just stalls then when I walked out I read the sign it said ladys. The other time was in grade 10 I was new to my school then I was walking at lunch time and I had to go to the bathroom then I accidentally walked into the girls bathroom, then I saw just stalls then I checked the sign, it was girls, k felt very embarrassed

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23 Caught Having Sex

there's paparazzi watching you two and they spread your sex videos in the porntube - ronluna

24 Farting in front of new boyfriend

annnddd there goes another boyfriend. why do I keep doing this? lol

- cameron331

Hey it makes me feel better about farting around her.So it works either way! - JXJ

Haha. Well its embarrasing but hopefully they relise its just natraul and laugh it off..

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25 Wetting your pants in public

Definitely the most embarrassing thing that's happened to me!

One time at school my friend told me a joke and I laughed so hard I wet my pants So I had to call my mom to change. And the worst thing was this girl who is mean to me saw to!

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26 Farting into a Microphone

I remember when I farted into the phone whilst calling a live operator at the library. Good times laugh out loud

I just watched an episode of Hey Arnold the other day when someone farts into a microphone.

That has once happened to taylor swift

Oh god, bad memorys. BAD BAD BAD AH

27 People seeing a black spot on your underwear
28 Crying In Public (Not After Getting Hurt) V 1 Comment
29 Dressing in a Public Room
30 Sporting a black eye
31 Saying "you too" when someone says, "happy birthday!"

This is actually very embarrassing. Whenever I say this I always cringe.

Haha this happened to me in first grade when I was in a hurry to go somewhere

I do this a lot when it was my birthday

Watch Brian Regan's "You too and stuff! " stand up comedy on YouTube. It sums it up so well

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32 Parent walking in on you watching porn

This happened to me and well you get the picture

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33 Passed out Drinking
34 Caught cheating on your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend

If you do this, you kinda deserve it..

35 Hitting on losers when you're drunk

. . . I'm never going back to Kentucky

36 Fart In Public
37 Getting the lowest mark in the class on a maths test

Happened to me to, Most everyone in my class is VERY good at math and we were seeing who got the lowest mark and I had it and I felt so stupid!

Happened to me... Really it kind of sucked. My friend was like "who got the lowest score? Let's go see _____" And I actually had the lowest... AND YES IT WAS A MATH TEST, ACTUALLY

Well. In my class I am usually one of the few people that are passing. I like to see who is the lowest in the class. The lowest is 13 and the highest is 75. - LittleLovelies

Ugh, this happened on my Math final. Everyone else got at least a C, while I got a 53. That's why I'm not doing GEM next year. - Absolite

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38 Stage freight

The worst! Even if you have prepared well for a speech everything forgets when you get on stage.hate to be the center of attention.

you are nervous and forgot all the words - ronluna

I have never had this, but I know it sucks!

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39 Stuttering too much and the person your talking to finishes your sentence

I ha-ha-hate th-th-th-this one - SmoothCriminal

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40 Getting your period in public and you don't have a pad or tampon

Even worst in school in white pants no joke I've had nightmares about it.

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