Top Ten Embarrassing Moments

Life has an evil way of putting every one of us in an embarrassing situation once in a while. Think about the most embarrassing situation you have ever experienced while voting, not the imaginary, conceptual "Ooh! That would be Bad" but more of the "That was the worst of the ones I've experienced".

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41 Being caught talking to yourself

This happens to me sometimes I will be talking to my self and my brother will sneak in, or my mom will hear me talking and ask, "who you talking to? " I always feel embarrassed when I get caught talking to myself

This happened to me. That person thought I was insane and nearly dragged me to a mental hospital. Lol - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

One time I was talking to my self and my friend saw it..

Nothing bad in that, but yeah - Can be embarrassing. - Ananya

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42 Hickey Spotting
43 Caught while watching porn

Me: UHH... NO!
Yea that would be embarrasing. Note: tom is not my real name I'm darrin and I'm making a cartoon of it.

Please no. I don't even want to talk about it.

How would you like being embarrassed and getting punished too?

44 Your bikini flipped upwards in public

Yes at the pool I was only 6 years old now I am 7 it was luck my cousin was in front of me and only Girls were in the pool

That happened to me at Wisconsin Dells in the wave pool, it was horrible. - lovefrombadlands

45 listening to Justin bieber

This didn't happen because I hate his songs, but one time, I did not have my ear buds plugged in and everyone heard me listening to She Set The City On Fire. I love that song. - lovefrombadlands

Not embarrassing as I listen to jb a lot and am not embarrassed by it at all

That woukd suck ass

46 Puking In Front of Everyone

This happened to me once at a family thing I ate too much chips and drank too much pop, while drinking my pop I puked on the table, and then on the carpet, then all over the bathroom and down the heat vent in the bathroom, I always remember that when I see the building where it happened

I was in second grade and my class were all bunched up together watching a science video on a computer WITH ME IN THE MIDDLE and I puked all over my favorite pants and my teacher walked me to the nurses office WITH PUKE ALL OVER MY CLOTHES AND FACE

It happened in kindergarten

It happened when I was in high school, on the school bus. (November 12, 2010, to be exact) To make matters worse, the bus driver made me clean up my own mess. FML >:(

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47 Making a Fool of Yourself When Talking to Your Crush

I do not have a crush, but there was this person I really wanted to be friends with and I thought too much about what I was gonna say and ended up not making sense. THE END - lovefrombadlands

48 Nude In Front of Your Boyfriend
49 Hitchhiking

esp when you ran out of money, being robbed, being tricked, or other means of losing money or other valuable things used in transportation like vehicle, credit cards, etc/ you do the thumbs up and put down your pride - ronluna

50 Being Ass-kicked by Your Teacher

In the old days maybe that would happen. My cousin did get spanked. - SuperBacca

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51 Failing at square dancing in P.E.
52 Failing at a yo mamma jokes

Yo mamma so short, she's short! FAIL.

53 You are alone in the elevator, you fart, and on the next floor a person gets in the elevator

How I S this embarrassing

It's obvious - they'll smell it and know for sure it was you who just ripped a big one in there. - Entranced98

54 Acting immature in a high school class
55 Your stomach rumbling out loud

This has actually happened to me at my school a lot of times while I'm in class. It's just so embarrassing. - creed99

56 Throwing up on your own birthday
57 Go to school with no underwear on and your crush sees your bum

Had Happened before not to anyone in family lucky to my mom's BFF she told me all about it

That would be so embarrassing also you end up prong and she sees it and records it

58 Caught watching Dora the Explorer

This is actually really funny. I'm laughing so loud, I can't hear Dora - I MEAN, laugh out loud, I ain't watching Dora at all (nervous laugh).

I have a friend who is still watching dora. He even uses a dora notebook at school and mabey he formed a crush on me because I look like dora. Looking like Dora should be number one on the embarrassing list.

59 Someone walking in on you in the bathroom
60 You tell a joke in front of the whole class and no one laughs

That moment when you say a joke Infront of class and no one laughs - Makster_04

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