Top Ten Excuses For Killing People

A list of the most devastating or stupid reasons for singular or mass destruction of people.

The Top Ten

1 In the name of God

This one is the most stupid one.

Bet 8/10 of the murderers don't even know what they're talking about


2 Bad people deserve to die

Of course bad people deserve to die
If not they will keep on influencing good people and they make the environment so sorrowful

3 Survival of the fittest

Love this one. Life is about survival. - Catlover2004

4 Revenge

Revenge is just a sea saw; it's so sweet that it always comes back to you, but hey, they will feel guilty just like you do.

The Only Reason, do it every other thing is just pathetic. shame on you people - copkiller

I use this excuse all the time. Just fooling with ya. - livinglegend

Nothing tastes as sweet , and boy do we know it

5 God told me to go to war - Victims: Muslims. American and British soldiers.

Jihad = Holy War... lame excuse

Jihad is fighting for what is right like defending your self - HATOOTEH

6 Self defense

My dad said this a lot when some messes with him. And fights back. - funnyuser

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7 If his name just so happens to be George W. Bush

Victim: george w. bush.
;) - JXJ

8 They needed kill'en

For a lot of politicians, this should work, I'm, pretty sure they fit the bill

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9 Maybe...probably...we think they have weapons of mass distruction.
10 We had sex and we don't want an unwanted child to be born Victim: Baby

we don't want our parents know about it they will take us apart - ronluna

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11 The Devil made me do it! Honestly he did!

Haha this is my all time favorite! Yeah right... I have Elvis, and Ronnie James Dio working with me at a Connecticut bait shop. - fireinside96

I like to kill, and think I'm gonna marry the devil!

12 Talking on the cell phone too loud

I know it just Pisses me off, I just hate when people talk so loud on the phone like I don't care what their talking about Man its annoying! D:<

13 I forgot I wasn't playing Halo
14 They hate my beliefs
15 They double dipped a chip
16 Jealousy
17 You will burn in hell if you wear a condom. - Victims: 6000 Africans per day.
18 They do not know who Jesus is. - Victims: Millions of Native Americans and Africans.
19 He did not approve of our interest rates - Victim: Jesus.
20 It's their fault we are hungry - Victims: Millions of European Jews. Just after Wall Street crashed.
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