Black is the color that expresses all feelings. Most people think of it as a "dark, more evil and satanic color." I believe this color needs to be looked at more carefully by most people. Black is one of the most common colors you see on Earth, even more recognizable than blue. I do admit, I kind of am a goth. But that doesn't mean I have to be goth to enjoy such a massively interesting and well created color.

My favorite color is black! I am goth but that doesn't mean you have to really truly label everyone in this world because others don't know the true meaning in this tiny world! Well I know a lot of meanings but just letting you know black is a great color! It goes with everything yes and it symbolizes night the time for peace or partying!

Black, a very deathly shadow of greatness. It resembles your evil side. That's why in Star Wars Darth Vader's side is the dark side. BLACK! is dark. The darkest color is my sixth fave color. It also goes with a lot of stuff. The color black is the mix of all colors, if you tried at home it would not come out perfectly though.

Black is powerful, black is majestic, black keeps to itself. Black doesn't mean death. Black means night, when the world is at most peace, when the world is asleep. I think of Black as nice and soothing color to look at. Black is beautiful. Black is when the stars are out. Black is the color of soil which gives life.

Come on black rocks it's black! Just plain black! - zbedd1

Black is hardly a color as much as it is a shade. A shade of balance... For without black, none of the other colors would get any credit for being unique in their own way, let alone be acknowledged for their existence. Black is the stand alone color, so that the others don't have to.

Black in nature is the best black. Almost every black thing in nature is beautiful, from jet to igneous to starry skies to all black animals. It also goes really well with pretty much any color, and in my opinion is good as fabric if it shines or sparkles.

Black is my favorite color because every color is in black. You can either mix the colors in a certain way or you can put all the colors on your paper or wherever your coloring and put black over it and ta-the it's magic!

Black is an awesome color because it looks pretty with everything! If you disagree with that well you will have to agree with this statement. Black goes with everything! By the way I'm not a goth or goth like it's just black is so awesome,

Black is a great color everything looks good with it and you can basically wear it for any occasion. Also people think if you like the color black you're depressed or goth but I'm a happy person and I like the color black.

Black is boss. When you wear it, not only do you look badass, but it makes you feel confident. Everything, and everyone looks good with/in black. Even Audrey Hepburn agrees!

Black and Red are the fashion trend of the famous people you see nowadays specifically in the hip hop community though but I see a lot of men wear black and red now more than blue back then.

I think black is so cool it should be the first favorite color black is totally awesome I love it so much in fact I'm wearing black nail polish and black pants and a black top right now laugh out loud

Black is the darkest of all the colours but when you look at dark black, the dark black looks beautiful. Usually dark colours are ugly but I find black pretty beautiful

For those who don't know (I'm sure a lot of you do), black is a collection of all colors in the ink spectrum. Black should be number one because it is all of the colors at once!

Best color ever, I like things to be the color black. My guitar is black, my best sports shoes are black, and it is just cool. And it is a color that represents rock and metal. - AnimeDrawer

Black, men in black, the black phantom, black rangers, black skinny duds, the blockers and black street boys. all famous bands, groups, super hero's starting with BLACK - bryan13

My opinion is black is girls favorite color because maximum girls wear black leggings but my favorite color is blue so I always wear blue

Black is supposed to represent evil death and everything associated of that nature, but black should be embraced as death is the only certain thing in this life.

Black goes with everything, that's true but MY favorite color is black because... Well, everybody thinks thinks that if you like Black your dark or goth but that's not the case. You can like Black either way. I personily LOVE Black 'cause it's awesome, you express your self. I just hope someday you will understand.

Everything flows with black. There is no judgement of whether or not it is too dark or too light. Black shoes, clothes, anything. It all looks good with the black.

Black makes me think of mourning even though I love the color.I also think black should not symbolize darkness and evil.I think of black as an elegant color.

I think black is so shiny and pretty. Like some gemstones that are black are so pretty. Black is hated for being gloomy but it isn't! It's just a really nice color.

Black is a great color. Right now I'm wearing a black shirt (with some blue), black pants, black socks and black shoes. I also have a black jacket. My favorite color. - psychiclion

I ABSOLUTELY HATE that black is usually used as a bad guy color! It was my favorite color even since I was little. My second favorite color is orange.