Blue is great because it has been proven to help you relax and there are so many shades. Blue represents: water, a simple and calming liquid; mary, full of purity; the sea, slowly drifting and mother natures cleanser cooler and helper, and many other brilliant things, that's why I like blue

The colour of sea is blue, some jeans is blue, sky is blue, some coat is blue, ocean is blue, water is blue, our earth is blue, etc.
My favourite colour is blue. It's best colour in the world.

Of Course, Everyone likes Blue because The Earth is Blue and the Ocean.
And Blue looks nice.

I'm getting ready to paint my room some shade of blue. This helps me relax because it reminds me of the ocean, wild, calm, free, light, gentle, AMAZING! Even the darker shades of blue are like looking at A... Whatever you like to look at. Navy blue should stand for royalty, it's grand, majestic, strong, pretty, and bold. I have another reason to like blue, FROZEN! Elsa's dress, magic, castle... Etc.

Blue and yellow are the best colors in the world because these are the colors that stand for the best team in the world... Michigan. Oh and no one pick the color green because that stands for Michigan state the worst team in the world. Here is proof that Michigan is better than Michigan state. Michigan has won the championship in basket ball.
So people pick blue and yellow as your favorite color. And if somebody asks you what is your favorite color choose blue.

I love any shade of blue. They are all beautiful whether its that bright blue color of the Caribbean seas, or that dark blue that appears in the sky just before the sun goes completely down and the sky looks pitch black. Blue is just and awesome color.

If you don't like blue, you don't like life! HONEST! Blue is the most relaxing, enjoyable, healthy, calming, attractive and positive colour! The sort of blue you see in the daylight sky gives you a sensation that everyone around you is happy to see it and that dark blue gives you the freedom to relax and lay back as though the bad thoughts have drifted away! Blue is the colour of the oceans on a clear sunny day but best of all... It's the colour of MAN CITY! - aligarasi

Blue is the color of wisdom and trustworthiness. It might be considered a masculine color, but with so many variations, everyone can find a way to love blue! Blue works best with green, that's why green is right below. Blue can also be found in the colors of at least 3 seasons.

Blue is like the sea, it is like every thing in the world. without blue everything would turn up side down. you are everything to me in the world beautiful color in the world. vote for BLUE THANK you

I remember that this has been my favourite colour since I was two- sure there are other great colours, but blue has always had something special about it to me. It's so calming and nice. I love you blue forever and ever!

Blue is the best ever colour in the world. I am not saying this only because it is my favourite colour but it really is. God has made the sky and the ocean blue because this colour always signifies the highest as well as the deepest in any field. This colour is also related to spirituality. - samarino

Blue is the color for Beauty. It has its own color of things like the sky, the sea, and that's some of the things it would be hard to live without! There are some animals with blue on them. For instance: Whales, Sharks, Butterflies, Birds and so much more that it would be hard to live without that color on them. So, you see Blue is a very beautiful color, but it looks beautiful on other things to!

Blue is literally the best color. It is just so vibrant, yet relaxing. I feel serenity when I wear blue. I love the color blue because it is just amazing. It represents so many things that are amazing, so it HAS to be amazing, right? Right.

I love this color its unique beautiful and always lifts your spirit look around you your life is filled with blue whether on a computer or out if mother nature oceans, lakes, Rivers WATER are all blue the sky that we all live in is blue Blue is BEAUTIFUL

Blue is the most beautiful color, and it is the color of the sky, the ocean, and many other wonderful, majestic things. Since it is a primary color it also creates many great colors, such as green and violet (purple).
I love blue!

The color blue is the best color. I've been to Bermuda and it always reminds me of it. Blue helps me relax when I'm stressed about school and when I'm not at school and when I'm listening to music, It reminds me of the sky.

I love the color blue! It's the color of the ocean, the sky, and it always makes me feel happy! I know tons of people that love blue, and so do I! Blue is the best color! Blue is the perfect color. Bright, awesome, and always makes things better!

For the longest time, Blue was the mainstay color for the United States Army. The Continentals wore it. The Union Army wore it. Every American Soldier before the World War 1 era wore it. I like Blue mainly because it's a part of our heritage. The sky is blue. The water reflects it. Blue may be overused, but it's still a cool color.

I read some comments below. One said that Blue is the color of Beauty. I must say this, Blue is not the color of Beauty, Pink is. The animals you talked about, whales and sharks main color is Blue, I agree. But a little number of them is also a different color. The Butterflies and the Birds your talking about. Large number of Butterflies and Birds have a different color.

Why not! It's pretty in every way! I'd go a day with seeing everything change to blue! It's the colour of happiness, relaxation, the sky, the seas and the oceans on a clear sunny day and even Manchester City! What more would you want! BLUE is Best!

My mother says I've always loved the color blue. Blue was the first color that I ever learned about. I love dark blue the most, but I also enjoy light blue, the color of the sky, and the sea. Sometimes the sea can also be dark blue. Ah, I adore blue.

I've been deciding between black and blue, when I realized that blue is associated with many relaxing things, like fish swimming in a light striking blue sea, or a group of majestic blue macaws sawing through the deep aquamarine skies. Blue is just simply the best, end of discussion.

Blue is the color of water, beautiful sea and ocean, earth is called the blue planet because of them. We all live with water. If there was no water we all would die. Blue has so many shades. It is the color of the sky, the color of water, the color of the god vishnu.

Blue looks good with anything. It's the best color of them all. It brings out the dark in the light and brings out the light in the dark. Blue never gets tiring, jeans are blue and we wear jeans all the time. Blue is the best color in the world.

Blue makes me feel calm but yet powerful. I always relate it to the ocean and the sky. These two things make me feel small but not empty, and they have a mysterious way to make me feel many opposing feelings.