The name's Luke Cage, you can call me Power Man. I like Red, Pink, and Gold. I agree with what the Fist thought. Gold Rules! It's like a golden package I am gonna pop out of and scare... Kidding! Now that I think about it I should paint the Power Bike gold... -Luke Cage

I found the second comment very touching, I can see why you like it. I'm very sorry about your parents, you're a very brave person. I feel guilty saying gold is not my favorite color, I do like it though.

Gold is such a beautiful thing, who can not love Gold. Gold shows victory at its finest. And it shows a great chosen person. It also represents a kings wealth. Most of all, a pride trophy to hold...

Mustard yellow, which is similar is the best color in my opinion. Some close allies are teal, lime green, and brown.

Gold is the best of all colours because it suits with everything and is so pretty

Gold is cool, but it's just a yellow trying to look shiny and bright. It just wants to copy yellow.

Isn't Gold the same thing as yellow?

Gold is expensive and pretty. I really like golden things with black. - Lucretia

Gold is very best because it is shining like a Gold and Gold is the way of success

Gold is bold! But also very glittery. But remember, all that glitters is not gold.

Gold is very pretty. It's the color of trophies. They give trophies to winners.

Favorite color only because of the song Gold by Imagine Dragons lol - gabgriffinfcs

Gold because it is the color you see when you know you are a winner.

Gold has a rich wealthy input to its color and is very awesome

Gold is to close to close to yellow there like the same color!

Why is this not first? This is like the color of awesomeness!

Gold is obviously a sign for wealth, but when I see the color gold, that color tells me something much more. It tells me that I am a important person in life and that I should never give up on my dreams. -Annabella

A cool color, it's old yet rare and cool. Yet it's not my favorite but it's a good color

Gold, silver and bronze is not colors. It is metals

I find gold a colour of strength and leadership

Yup gold is actually very beautiful and royal - Ananya

It is when you win a mettle and win first place!

Crappiest colour. It's just a ripoff of yellow

Gold is beautiful but not better than purple

Good but not the best it makes your eyes water