Gray can look different every time you see it. You can paint a detailed picture in full gray. You can have aqua grays, rosy gray, cool gray, earthy gray, etc. It's such a versatile color. White when tinted becomes a different color, as does black. With gray... It's still a color of gray. Gray is not a shade, nor is it a tint. Gray is a paradox and I love it. You may think of thunderstorms, seastorms, the winter sky, a rainy day, wind, or the soft warm fur of various animals. Gray is an amazing and underrepresented color on this list.

Gray is the combination of the two neutral colors, black and white. I have Gray eyes. So pretty. Gray is included in my favorite color combination

Gray is stunning. It represents dullness. I don't think it as that though, it is just misunderstood in its meaning. People criticized me for liking Gray but I'll stick up for it

Gray spelled correctly is Grey. It is the color or wisdom and well worn things that have lasted. It symbolises stability and perseverance.

I love gray! The color is very calm and nice. And it's the name of my favorite character from the anime fairy tail! Lol.

Gray in cars is like awesome. One must see the shades of sky during winter and spring seasons you'll love it. The smoky shade of color is worthwhile. Someone who travel in trains or buses in hillstations can have a perfect beauty view of the color. Observing the climate with a hot cup of coffee will be amazing.

My favorite color is blue-gray. The sky is this color when it rains. I love this color so much that I painted my room gray and I wear everything that is blue-gray. - Nikka

Grey is a neutral and calm color. It goes well with pretty much anything.

The main reason I love grey because its in the middle of black and white and it goes perfect with the two. The 3 Musketeers, you know?

I love grey it is so calm and relaxing. My whole room is painted and designed red and mostly grey

Gray is the only color that has no opposites. It is a really safe and calm color.

Gray goes with everything, except there's more to it than black.

The fine line between good and evil, darkness and light

Gray is the color of neutrality and therefore justice.

To me I think it looks like a darker version of Silver.

I love this colour it's so nice and a cool colour

Gray, White & Black are tones not colors - westofohio

It's the most mellow color out there.

It is my favorite color cause it represents monday

Don't like it because it sounds like you're paying

It's very relaxing, and helps me think. - skimmet1

I've been in a dillema between black and white, so I choose gray instead!

Its such a sad ghostly neutral this is y I don't like this color

Who the skeltin did this grey is like the wost colour in the would deh