Green is way better than any of the colors. I personally love the Crayola Crayon green. GREEN RULES!

Green is an awe inspiring color, it symbolizes nature, growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, paradise, royalty, balance, spring, and rebirth. It s the symbol of prosperity, freshness, progress, hope, honor, love, virtue, beauty, eternal life, resurrection and regeneration, need I continue? Green is the color of the Heart Chakra, located at the center of the chest area and is linked to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, cardiac plexus, and the complete chest area. The Heart Chakra bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Opening the Heart Chakra allows a person to love more, empathize, and feel compassion. Your pituitary gland is stimulated. Your muscles are more relaxed, and your blood histamine levels increase, which leads to a decrease in allergy symptoms and dilated blood vessels, aiding in smoother muscle contractions. In short, green is calming, stress relieving, and a bit paradoxically invigorating. It s been shown to improve reading ability and creativity. ...more

Oh what a marvellous colour is the colour Green. The colour of the land on Earth from space, the colour that says GO on a road, a colour represented in the rainbow, the colour of the beautiful emerald diamond, the colour of a leprechaun's cloth, the colour of all football pitches and Olympic field events field, the colour of the animated and strong superhero Hulk, the colour of Batman's helpful partner Robin's cloth, the symbol and hounourary colour of Green Lantern, the colour of the hilarious animated character Shrek, the colour of Peter Pan's cloth and the colour of the famous Muppets character. All these things are GREEN. It is a vibrant, bright, joyful, calming and exquisite colour. And it is definitely not unusual that it is the FAVOURITE colour of many people on Earth. It is obviously the dominant colour compared to other colours. Blue, Red and Gold can not overlook, undermine or underestimate the greatness and superiority of Green. It also happens to be my favourite colour. It ...more - davakoh


For some reason, I have always had an affinity to Green. In specific, I like lime greens and yellowish-greens. But all greens are good. My second favorite color is blue. Even in Kindergarten (in school) they asked me to pick my favorite color; and instantaneously I picked green. It always is the most striking color to me, and stands out from all the others. I feel it penetrates my soul.

In it's epistemic essence; I would equate Green with the English words of: cool, simple, prosperous, exquisite and swell.


If you really want to know more about me and why I like Green:

I am a male born in 1991, in my mid 20s, my sexual orientation is heterosexual. I have brown hair and brown eyes, Caucasian.

I tend to be a little bit more on the right-wing in terms of political view, on the political spectrum. Personality-wise: I am pragmatic, disillusioned and down-to-earth. I like telling things how they are, but in a way that ...more

Green is the majority of all that we see on Earth. Awesome green represents nature, balance, good, harmony etc which is equivalent to life, so which means it is the colour of life and rebirth. Who wouldn't love the colour of all that and LIFE!? Green is cool, beautiful and awesome. Green is actually the best colour but somehow it is in the top 5 as more people have voted other colours which is their favourite whether it be experiences etc or just their favorite colour, but green is the BEST colour ever in the universe, infinity and beyond! Also green is in the middle of the rainbow and the middle of the ph scale which means it sits in the middle of it all and obviously owns EVERY COLOUR. Green is the colour of life, it represents life and is life, so we should vote for green as the best colour if we want a great life!


Greatest color of all time should be number one

Green is the colour of life and balance-it's both refreshing and calming--those mid tones I'm talking about. Humans & animals can't live without green plants. I couldn't be without green every day in my life--I am surrounded by it at home with my collections and outside with my trees and already includes blue (life giving water) and yellow (-life giving sunshine-photosynthesis).

Green is such a peaceful color. It represents fertile land. It's nature. It's peaceful in such a world where this is not much peace. Green is an important color because it is calm and welcoming. It is a beautiful color with many meanings so it should not be loved simply because of beauty. Green is a good omen too. Green representing harmony and life. It represents the things that keep life in balance. Green is a very great color and deserves to be number one!

Green is a calm color which puts you in a happy feeling. Green resembles happiness, and seriously, I remember green for good at school when I was very young. Lovers of green have shown to be happy and confident and also good social abilities. It has also a peacemaker resemblance to the color. People who like green also show to be satisfied when they help people.

Green is the best. Be proud if you love green. It's colour of nature and you cannot live without nature. You are Indian and your main Indian colour is green only. A sign if every good thing. It will help you to do meditation and it increases spirituality. Please vote green. Green is the winner it should come first, so vote green

Green is a playful color. Nature at its finest. Most people who dislike this color say it is because it is so commonly seen in nature. I like it because it's cool, yet warm. It might not stand out everyday like a red or pink tree might, but its stability makes up for it. It also hides in the water, improving beauty behind the scenes. I prefer a mint green, but any green will do.

I love green because it brings me joy. When I look at blue, (witch it the top most liked color in the world). I think that someone is drowning in the sea. When I look at red, (witch is 2nd most liked in color in the world). All I see is Christmas colors and it's not so fun to think of that in the summer when you are trying to relax on the beach, because then it gets me cold.

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Green is the best colour. Green is the majority of what we see around this world and is such a lovely, calming, cool, beautiful and awesome colour to look at. Green should be 1 but it's only 3rd, but should be 1st. Awesome green represents balance, nature power and life force, which is equivalent to life, therefore green is the colour of life! Who wouldn't like green for it being the colour of life!? So we should vote for green if we want a great life. Green the colour of life, it looks good on anyone or anything, it also means goodluck and it's scientifically awesome, so we should all vote for green people! Also you would normally see leaders or important people wearing green or their favourite colour is green e.g Tinker Bell I am her 1 fan! . ANOTHER thing is that green draws the most attention, is the most pleasing to the eye and is in the middle of the rainbow and still gets drawn attention as the eye gets naturally drawn to the middle of things, and then works it's way out, like ...more

Green is nature, green is pure, green is living, green is helping us succeed in our goals, green is our lives. The color is the part of photosynthesis. It is a symbol of... Basically the color it is, of course! Green is... GROWTH.

Because green makes you stand out, not trying to be like everybody else. It makes me feel good about myself. I love green. That's my favorite color. Nothings beats it. Green represents a lot and you can say a lot of good stuff about green.

Green is not first. How sad. A colour that represents nature and life. Whenever someone mentions a place full of greenery, you can expect it to be a beautiful, clean place. Green is just awesome. It's a colour used basically everywhere.
A healthy environment is symbolized by "go green". Green is the colour of plants that give us oxygen (and the green part is also vital in photosynthesis). Green is the colour of any light on a device to show that it is on. Green is used in multiple flags all over the world. Green also represents a lot of good things in various religions - including the two most practised ones. Green is the colour of emeralds. Green is the colour of the folk hero, Robin Hood. Green is the colour of so many good things, it should simply be first.

Green represents life, and beauty. Red represents strife, and anger. Look out your window, what color do you see, if even some moss growing on a tree? Green is innocence, Green is soothing, while yellow sandpaper is only smoothing. Green is healthy, while red is smelting. Green is simple, and blue is inkle.


Green can go in many shades. It's the color of nature. Green is the color of the plants that make air for us to breath. Green is important to me. Green is on the traffic light that says go you can go explore life and nature.

I only know 1 person who likes blue, and at least 20 who like green. This list, in my opinion, is wrong or biased. In a 300 person survey green so came 1st. INJUSTICE IS THIS LIST! Bastards even put blue as good.

I LOVE nature and really want to help the earth, SO GO GREEN! My favorite shade is lime green. I only have one reason to hate it. It's the color of the spell that killed Harry Potter's parents! I'm still crying over that.

Green rocks. Anyone who disagrees is just plain WEIRD! Green eyes rock, turtles rock, green anything rocks. No shade of Green is ugly!

Green- the color right smack in the middle of blue and yellow. It symbolizes safety an permission. Nature, vivacity, and life. Springtime, freshness, and hope. Youth and inexperience. And that is just a little! For more info, look at the other useful comments!

I love green cause it's the colour of the gem peridot which is my birthstone. Also cause green is the starting of humans and animals cause duh green stands for nature which is trees and without trees there would be NO oxygen in the world so green rocks.