Orange is so easily thought of as horrible or disgusting and no one gives orange a chance. Orange is a really beautiful color and everyone should respect that. If you were to ask people in the world what there favorite color is out of the rainbow, The 2 color that are overlooked are always orange and yellow. Orange is such a simple color there is not much to but it's so beautiful if you understand how it is. Orange does not get much credit but I deserves to be known cause it's such a beautiful color but people overlook it so much, it so sad, no one understands how beautiful it really is.

Orange has been my favorite colour since I was a youngin'. In 2nd grade, everybody in my class liked either blue, pink, or green. Our class was learning about colours one week and the teacher asked us what our favorite colours were. Of course, just about every single female said her favorite colour was pink because it was pretty. When it was my turn I said something like this: "I like the colour orange. It's unique and a very bright colour. It's too bad everybody doesn't give orange a chance. It's a great colour, it really is. " While most people I know think orange is a disgusting colour, I think it's the most beautiful colour one could see.

Orange is my favorite color. Ever since, I stopped liking blue, I started liking orange. Orange is a hot color along with Hot Pink, Red, and Yellow. Orange is the meaning of fearless and brave. Orange keeps people warm and cozy inside a room that has a color of orange. Although I have never seen an orange car, I think a light color (like sand kind of but lighter) would make a GREAT color on a car. Also, orange looks beautiful on women/girls and awesome on men/boys.

Orange is a good color. It's not overused. Orange is bright, and it goes together with blue so marvelously. Orange is a color that is almost close to the light skin tones. I agree that it is beautiful, but orange is the sunset color. Everyone loves the sunset. Orange is a unisex color. So anyone can like it. Orange is the sun color, and without the sun we wouldn't be alive ~ by Jessica

Orange is the "bright side" of fire. It is the most humble color of the rainbow. I hate how orange is the second color of the rainbow, but it has been left out all the time. Not many people give orange a chance. It is probably the most beautiful color of the rainbow. I mean, a rainbow without orange definitely shows less power, if you know what I mean. - HELLADERE120

A color that inspires love, summer, things of nature. Fun times as for holidays, Halloween. A beautiful color that also so happens to be a fruit. It looks good also as clothing. A perfect color that represents many things, absolutely beautiful!

I really like orange it's my favorite color. I just think it's pretty and happy. Not to mention, it has a pleasant smell and taste. Orange is richer than yellow, but tamer than red. When I was younger, I liked how not many other peoples' favorite color was orange. This is still true today. I sort of like having different opinions than others. -Tess

Since from a very young age, orange has been my favourite colour and is still is as I like the vibrancy and the warmth it brings to the environment. When I was around five, all the girls seemed to like either pink or purple and the boys seemed to like red or blue. Orange, however is my favourite as it stands out from the rest of the colours and is a nice warm colour.

Orange is awesome, it is such a vibrant colour but again it can be so calming with the muted shades, it is incredibly diverse. It reminds me of so many things that are beautiful have orange within their midst - the majestic tiger, a glowing sunset, a juicy orange. It is a truly wonderful colour. As Frank Sinatra said 'Orange is the happiest colour'

I love orange! Who doesn't? Orange is the color of tigers. Tigers are awesome! Orange is a warm color and the sun likes orange too. The sun is actually addicted to orange. It's addicted to red, black and more colors. The best orange you can get is... BRIGHT orange! What do you think about orange? If you dislike orange, tough luck.

Orange is awesome! Everyone in my class likes red or blue or purple. What about the rest of the rainbow people?! Orange is very vibrant and just seems to warm up my day. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for loving the color orange... maybe I am crazy, but that only supports my love for orange!

Orange, like a warm sunset over the beach reflecting on the crystal blue water. Orange, like a juicy orange slice on a summer day. Orange, like my ginger tabby cat named Sunshine. Orange, like fire that warms you up on a cold snowy day. Orange, the color of strength and endurance. Orange, my favorite color.

I love orange! It is the single most best color in the world! I have loved it since I first learned about colors. Everyone else doesn't think orange is a cool color. They always talk about red and blue or whatever. But I know the truth. Orange is the best!

My favourite colour is orange. My friend Maddox likes red, Ollie like cyan, Josh likes lime green and Ben likes purple. I'm a girl and I love orange most girls in my class love pink and there is 15 girls in my class.

Most people in my class find orange unlucky and a terrible colour, I find unique and it matches my personality.

Whenever I think of orange I think of the spectacular juicy fruit!

I love Orange a lot because it just brings up the Miami color to environment so I'm really glad because of that that's why I really really really like the color orange whoever posted this thanks for doing it because I don't want to know the top 10 search of forcing colors

At least it is in the top ten because it is my favorite color. I am also glad some people agree with me on orange.

Orange is amazing I can't believe it got 6! I've liked orange all my life, I'm the only one in my class that likes orange. Orange is the most beautiful color in the world, blue doesn't deserve 1st place. Let orange RULE!

Orange is SUPER AWESOME! It's great and It's the one of the ONLY WOrds that doesn't rhyme with anything. Plus it's also the name of one of my fave fruits. So overall great

How is black better then orange. Orange is the best color by far. It looks good in the summer, spring, fall. It is warm and just a relaxing color.

Orange is the most unique color of the rainbow it might not be the number one color but someone ones told me that the only people that truly like the color orange are the ones that are creative and unique

I wonder if the reason orange is unpopular is because it's the opposite of blue, the most popular color? That should make it more popular though, because of complementary colors.

Orange is a great color it is bright in the rainbow and it stands out no one ever thinks of that but it is. Every time I see orange it has a different concept it looks fresh each time dark orange light orange and just the plain orange they all look good.

I like orange to, I am the only one who like's it in my class because everyone likes blue, and green. I find orange an exciting color, because it makes you happy when you see orange...

I love how there are hundreds of different shades of orange, and each of them has a different meaning. Orange can be amber, almost gold, and it can be calm and serene but also vibrant and full of energy. I feel better when I look at it. It's happy.