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181 Sewer Green

Simply one of the sexiest colors out there. Should be up there with red. Turtles in the half shell. I love TMNT so much. I also like trains, lots and lots of trains.

Sewer green is on the list of most popular colors? Really?

Don't like the sewer but in love with green!

I've only got one word to describe it which is: EWW!

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182 Tickle Me Pink

Can't get too much better than that.

183 Pastel Yellow V 1 Comment
184 Electric Cobalt

Most beautiful of all colours.

185 Brown Gray

This is the worst color in the world! Yuk!

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186 Puce

At first sight, I thought this said "Puke" and I was horrified. However, when I looked this color up, it ended up to be a muted pink, which I fell in love with at first sight. It's a wonderful, classy color!

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187 Fluorescent Green
188 Grecian Spa

This is the colour of my room I love it! It's a paint by Dulux check it out for tween/teens it's a pale turquoisey green.

189 Light Red

I'm not talking about pink.

190 Bright Orange V 2 Comments
191 Bright Red V 2 Comments
192 Luminous Yellow

It is so awesome. It is the colour of highlighters and is the brightest shade of yellow. (I think so anyway! )

193 Dandelion

Best color Ever

It retired

:( Why? They should've did orange or brown.

194 Alizarin
195 Mango

Hey you stole the name of the fruit mango this is a obvious crime we will slap you with kabab and onion and make you do the whip and nae nae 20000 times

196 Baby Pink V 1 Comment
197 Vermillion
198 Tangerine
199 Dark Yellow
200 Shiraz Red

Also it is known as Syrah is a grape color to produce red wine... It can be found in France and elsewhere. It is a nice place to fall in love with the color. Ideal to seduce a woman...

You can also see in cars.

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