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201 Goldenrod

You just stole the colour gold it a crime

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202 Baby Pink V 1 Comment
203 Light Purple

Light purple like lavender are cool

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204 Light Gray

I love this color it relaxes me every time I look at it its just awesome I don't know I just love it

What would you do if we color do with that ugly

This color is just wesome, I just love looking at it

205 Cream

That off-white everyone needs in their lives, showing that not everyone is perfect, yet we can all achieve the love cream represents. Beauty may be found in the lowest places, if you know where to look.

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206 Yellow Orange V 2 Comments
207 Inch Worm Green

Inch worm green is OBVIOUSLY the best and most awesome color ever! I mean, duh. Like why would anyone ever pick a color other than the beautiful inch worm green. I can't wait to get married and have the entire wedding party decked out in inch worm green splendor!

208 Brown Gray

This is the worst color in the world! Yuk!

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209 Fluorescent Yellow

This reminds me of like a colour u would run in

Just a better version of normal yellow

210 Sewer Green

Sewer green is on the list of most popular colors? Really?

Don't like the sewer but in love with green!

I hate the sewers!

I've only got one word to describe it which is: EWW!

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211 Puke Green

I think this is a weird choice.

Who placed this here?

Love this color, reminds me of split pea soup and blended vegetables

This is the reason green is not a creative color - ListerBlister

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