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201 Violet Red

You know, I find this to be VERY underrated. It's the color of pure affection. Don't any of you agree with me?

Can we stop mixing colors? If you mix each and every one of these, it doesn't make any sense!?

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202 Reddish Purple

It is a beautiful thing, it really is!

Reddish purple is so red that it is RED NOT PURPLE.

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203 Inch Worm Green

Inch worm green is OBVIOUSLY the best and most awesome color ever! I mean, duh. Like why would anyone ever pick a color other than the beautiful inch worm green. I can't wait to get married and have the entire wedding party decked out in inch worm green splendor!

204 Royal Red

I love this it's the Royal Ballet Colour and it really stands out to me

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205 Daphne

A very rare shade of blue - Jackal2272

I have a girl in my class named Daphne. I don't even know the color. 😛

206 Bayou V 1 Comment
207 Pine V 1 Comment
208 Banana Yellow V 3 Comments
209 Sarcoline V 1 Comment
210 Aubergine
211 Skyan V 1 Comment
212 Light Purple

Light purple like lavender are cool

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