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41 Bright Yellow

Wow! nice color!

Bright Yellow is the Brightest color like the sun!
If there is no Bright Yellow the sun would be pure of water not fire.
It's Yellow, but brighter! It means MORE Smiles and Happiness.
Do you understand the beauty of the color?

42 Neon Red

All kinds of red is cool. Blood, ruby, neon, dark, maroon, scarlet, crimson, ALL OF THEM - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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43 Neon Orange

It sounds weird but it's actually very cool and different. It's also unique because you never see it anywhere.

Neon orange is like a brand and standing out color. Makes you think of something shiny but soft

Neon orange is so awesome to me it means PARTY ON!

44 Crimson

It's the Color of blood lovely right? My second favorite color after black of course

Is I watch the crimson blood leak from your neck, the dark truth falls upon me.

This red is actually kinda beautiful( I don't really like reds) it has this pink tint into it#cool

I love this color

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45 Magenta

Bright and Dark pink. Sounds Impossible but looks a million dollars.

I LOVE ANYTHING IN THIS COLOUR IT is so relaxing and calm but at the same time very powerful and no other colour is like but then if you say pink no! Because I can tell pink from magenta because it is my favourite colour so I hope you like it to!

Come in everybody likes magenta!

I like this colour it looks fine to me I hope it stay there forever

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46 Vanilla

Sure, it's a great ice cream flavor, but I wouldn't exactly consider it a color - DislikeMyComment

I think that it is a cooler version of white and is a creamy color!

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47 Azure

I just found out about this color and it is epic :D

It is nice to see this color because its pretty

#It is so teal that is my favorite color


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48 Neon Blue

I love neon things too I just hope This color gets more than 0% I love this color!

Do ya mean electric blue? Cause that is one cool blue

Neon blue is an awesome color - RoseCandyMusic

Neon blue is a perfect color you could imagine. it is bright, beautyfull, and gourgous. I have it on my mind. !

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49 Scarlet

Ahh scarlet! Its pretty much bright red with a hint of orange. Love it! I hope that people give it more respect this more in the future.

I'm telling you this color is powerful I love it!

Scarlet to me, is just a powerful colour

This color is my third favourite color!

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50 Midnight Purple

Love it one of the priestess colors

It's a shade of purple so it's cool

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51 Coral

This color is a calm and collected shade of peach. It is a color that would relate to summer, water, beaches, pools, oceans, and plants. Colors related to this color may include sea foam green, mint, aqua, light blue, gold, and purple. Beautiful color!

Love it, it's one of my favorite colors, along with neon yellow and rose gold

It's such a great colour! Why isn't it here?

Love the way it's on here higher up listed as sunset orange

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52 Neon Green

Neon green is a really good color The brightness of the color pops the color out

This is my absolute FAVOURITE colour! But I already voted for green :(

Great color, actually the best of them all


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53 Cerulean

Gorgeous! Doesn't in any way resemble puke. It's blue!

It's good because it's basically the color of the ocean like blue.You have to vote for it today!

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54 Grass Green

I like the bright grass green so if this is the one I guess

55 Burgundy

This color is a very trendy color in clothes and other products so I enjoy this color very much

No offense but I don't like this colour at all

This is by far my favourite colour!

I love this color!

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56 Raven Blue

I have never heard of this color.

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57 Beige

Its very welcome color

Beige is the color of chihuahuas, so you have to love beige.

Beige is the best colour ever

Why beige why not yo mama

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58 Salmon Pink

It is one of the prettiest colors EVER! It is every girls favorite color! Who doesn't love Salmon pink?! The color of one of the most common fish the salmon. Salmon is the healthiest, smartest fish I've ever seen!

This is my all time favorite color and I'm not sure why it isn't higher on the list! :P

This color makes me think of "Wreck it Ralph". Take that, King Candy!

Actually, I am a girl and I do hate pink.

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59 Burnt Orange

Why would you call a color burnt? Nasty!

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60 Amethyst

I really like this colour because it's the colour of my birthstone

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