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81 Platinum

Known as the most expensive material in the world, the color of platinum is amazing in more ways than one. To put it simply, it's a more precious metal than silver, yet misunderstood. Why has silver gotten more votes? Platinum is surely one of the most beautiful, cold-hearted colors on the spectrum. In fact, you could say it's not even on the spectrum, but a mixture of everything that has to offer!

82 Neon Purple V 1 Comment
83 Army Green

I would think they should add this color because COME ON the world ARMY is in it + it's a really noce color.

84 Neon Yellow

Really bright colour which is good but when I look at it too much.. I just think nevermind

I love it It's so nice and pretty

I love Neon Yellow

Jk no free pics

V 2 Comments
85 Fluro Yellow V 3 Comments
86 Plum

Is a Fuji why don't you like it its alright

Plum is a beautiful, vibrant color, I love plum!

V 2 Comments
87 Burnt Umber

I don't know if this is the way to spell it.

V 1 Comment
88 Dark Purple

Awesome Colour, Like Purple, Blue And Green But Mostly Purple

I love dark blue is the best colour ever

V 2 Comments
89 Mint Blue

It's a very pretty color

I love mint blue

I have not even seen it but I want to


V 2 Comments
90 Peach

I love using the peach color for my drawings, you can pick out all of my drawings and you can almost never see any drawing without peach. Such a pretty color!

I like peach because my favorite character is PEACH

Laugh out loud

Today in class the teacher told me to come up and say my favorite color and I said peach

Peach is great and sweet and I try to use it every day

V 3 Comments
91 Sunset Pink

Pink is the colour of fun, girls and unicorns. Pink is the colour of love and all romance. This colour is the amazing view of the sunset. It brings happiness and kindness to all who like it. On the other side pink is the colour of sass and everything girly

Follow the link to see the colour. you'll love it. I personally love watching the sun set I always sit in my back garden and watch the sun set listening to my sun set.

92 Pale Blue

Love this color its just so pale

93 Sea Blue

Heart the sea and blue so this is the perfect color for me!

94 Duck Egg Blue

I don't like your opinion good sir could we have a discussion about this in my bed

It is not pink
It makes me think
It is like a wink
It looks like link
It is like ink
It makes me drink
It makes me sink
It is the alpha and the omega it is DUCK EGG BLUE!

V 4 Comments
95 Cloudy Grey V 1 Comment
96 Lemon Green

Lemons are NOT GREEN. Come on, we all know lemons that are underripe are green, but NORMALLY WHEN YOU SEE LEMONS THEY ARE YELLOW. ;P \_('-')_/

97 Berry Red

I think that the color red should be higher than it is now. Personally it's amazing!

V 1 Comment
98 Fluro Orange

I like this colour because it is. Nice and bright

Color with another twist. GO NEON!

A warming color

99 Lilac

Every time I think of this color, I think of the sweet smell only lilac flowers can produce. It takes periwinkle a step further into the warm colors... yet still, it keeps that one, small hint of sky blue...

Lilac is pretty. It looks so quite. I don't know how to describe it but the color represents the beauty that is hidden deep inside you.

Omi-God! Omi-God you guys Elle likes LILAC! And it's not a suprise, lilac is in season this is no time to compromise, Omi-God you guys... OMI-GOD!

100 Graphite Blue

Something like steel blue, but with less intensity. Mixture of gray and blue indicates the reflection, but also the coldness. You can see it on clothes and cars.

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