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81 Fuchsia

It's a very calming shade of pink. -Francisco Alvarez

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82 Saffron

Really expensive spice, not a color

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83 Brick Red

All types of red are cool.

84 Tan

Umm some people might like this but it does not shout I am a cool colour or anything

Tan is an important color because it represents different cultures.

Meh. I respect people whos favorite color may be this, but come on... Tan?

85 Army Green

I would think they should add this color because COME ON the world ARMY is in it + it's a really noce color.


86 Anthracite

This is the darker gray can find 65 shades of gray. We associate with business suits, it is part of the current fashion. This color is very close to black. Serious, strong and responsible. I like this shade of gray because it is the most sophisticated.

87 Sunset Pink

Pink is the colour of fun, girls and unicorns. Pink is the colour of love and all romance. This colour is the amazing view of the sunset. It brings happiness and kindness to all who like it. On the other side pink is the colour of sass and everything girly

Follow the link to see the colour. you'll love it. I personally love watching the sun set I always sit in my back garden and watch the sun set listening to my sun set.

88 Burnt Orange

Why would you call a color burnt? Nasty!

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89 Neon Yellow

Love it. Has that electrical feel to it that I love. When I first saw it, I was SHOCKED to see how amazing it is! (Forgive me for making such bad puns)

Really bright colour which is good but when I look at it too much.. I just think nevermind

I love it It's so nice and pretty

Jk no free pics

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90 Orchid

What color is so rich so right why don't you like it I love it so you should should not be at the 53 373 not 373

Orchids in real life are more than one color. THIS IS FLOWERISM!

this is ok

91 Fluro Yellow V 3 Comments
92 Bronze

Like swords in Percy Jackson

93 Plum

Is a Fuji why don't you like it its alright

Plum is a beautiful, vibrant color, I love plum!

I like plum the fruit


94 Burnt Umber

I don't know if this is the way to spell it.

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95 Silver Blue

I love these colour's all colours what I post

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96 Mint Blue

It's a very pretty color

I love mint blue

I have not even seen it but I want to


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97 Peach

I love using the peach color for my drawings, you can pick out all of my drawings and you can almost never see any drawing without peach. Such a pretty color!

I like peach because my favorite character is PEACH

Laugh out loud

Today in class the teacher told me to come up and say my favorite color and I said peach

Peach is great and sweet and I try to use it every day

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98 Leaf Green

Nature. That's the only word for it. It's in its name.

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99 Pale Blue

Love this color its just so pale

100 Cloudy Grey


Schmum. cloudy gray...

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