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121 Blueberry

Its one of the best shades of blue!

Just like blue to be honest.

I like blueberrys


122 Xanadu

What does THIS color look like anyway?

It's like a greyish-green color. It's pretty bland - Mcgillacuddy

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123 Pantone 448C

There is so many good things I could say about this color, but I'll keep it short. This color is a fantastic way of saying to whoever you're talking to "I don't like myself", "I'm a dirty piece of crap", and most of all "Please remember me next time you think about death". Overall, this color really screams, "DIRT" and makes you want to blow chunks. This barftasticly beautiful color should definitely be in the top 10 if not #1. - bigeyeman

I like it. Best colour ever!

best color - Acceleracers7

124 Chestnut Brown V 3 Comments
125 Cubbie Blue

love it!

126 Fluorescent Pink
127 Robin's Egg Blue V 1 Comment
128 Irish Green

I am Irish and green therefore this is the best!

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129 Melon

It's so bright and colorful! It makes me feel happy and energetic! Looks nice with colors such as maroon, sea green, and kiwi green.

It makes me think of summer and happiness and can go great with any color

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130 Puke Brown

Only people with a death wish have voted on this comment. Either that or they're serious fans of throwing up. :/

Puke? It sounds disgusting.

It is the alpha and the omega

131 Rose Gold

Like strawberry blonde but pink

I love it, it's just an overall cute and happy color, and a little girly :D


Never heard of this but I like it already 💖💖✌✌😀😀

132 Khaki V 4 Comments
133 Steel Bronze

It is either steel or bronze, just pick one!

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134 Ivory V 4 Comments
135 Midnight Black V 1 Comment
136 Manila

It's the capital of the Philiphines, and it"s not a color. I could be wrong though. If so, than tell me what Manila is

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137 Tumbleweed V 1 Comment
138 Cobalt

Yet another variation of blue. Seriously, look it up. There's no difference, and I'm an artist.

I don't know what cobalt is, and since I'm a hipster, that's a good thing.

Congratulations. You are an artist. Like lots of other people.

It's really cool

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139 Byzantium

The color of the last remnants of the mighty roman empire, A truly royal color.

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140 Hazel

Hazel is the colour of originality as homes are decorated with mostly hazel colours

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