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161 Green-blue
162 Terracotta
163 Mauve

Only some people know what Mauve alert is

I have never heard of this color!

It's like gray, but more mauvelous.

164 Flaming Sunset
165 Jade

A great, green soothing color and should be ranked better than 29. Otherwise, I like Green, Black, Red, and Blue.


166 Purple Pink

It is like a pinkish color but a little bit darker. With a hint of purple mixed together it makes a marvelous. I secretly like it because I LOVED it since I was young

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167 Crazy Plum Purple V 2 Comments
168 Greige

I suggested this color because it is the combination of gray and beige. It means modern but classy. Lately it is related to the rooms of houses and polish for hands on the female market... He began to see in the car business... It would be great to see suits, ties, pants and shorts for this color. An original color for people who want to stand out from the rest.

169 Light Orange
170 Cerise

No that's just pink-

171 Sandy Red V 3 Comments
172 Rose Red
173 Electric Ultramarine V 1 Comment
174 Bole V 1 Comment
175 Yellow Red V 2 Comments
176 Puke Green

I think this is a weird choice.

Who placed this here?

Love this color, reminds me of split pea soup and blended vegetables

What the heck Is this!?!? - THEEPICDUDE990

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177 Light Gray

I love this color it relaxes me every time I look at it its just awesome I don't know I just love it

What would you do if we color do with that ugly

This color is just wesome, I just love looking at it

178 Cream

That off-white everyone needs in their lives, showing that not everyone is perfect, yet we can all achieve the love cream represents. Beauty may be found in the lowest places, if you know where to look.

It kinda sounds like sour cream

True words from the heart ❤💖

179 Fluorescent Yellow

This reminds me of like a colour u would run in

Just a better version of normal yellow

180 Yellow Orange V 2 Comments
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