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161 Purple Pink

It is like a pinkish color but a little bit darker. With a hint of purple mixed together it makes a marvelous. I secretly like it because I LOVED it since I was young

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162 Crazy Plum Purple V 2 Comments
163 Greige

I suggested this color because it is the combination of gray and beige. It means modern but classy. Lately it is related to the rooms of houses and polish for hands on the female market... He began to see in the car business... It would be great to see suits, ties, pants and shorts for this color. An original color for people who want to stand out from the rest.

164 Light Orange
165 Cerise

No that's just pink-

166 Sandy Red V 3 Comments
167 Rose Red
168 Electric Ultramarine V 1 Comment
169 Bole V 1 Comment
170 Yellow Red V 2 Comments
171 Pastel Yellow V 1 Comment
172 Electric Cobalt

Most beautiful of all colours.

173 Puce

At first sight, I thought this said "Puke" and I was horrified. However, when I looked this color up, it ended up to be a muted pink, which I fell in love with at first sight. It's a wonderful, classy color!

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174 Fluorescent Green
175 Grecian Spa

This is the colour of my room I love it! It's a paint by Dulux check it out for tween/teens it's a pale turquoisey green.

176 Light Red

I'm not talking about pink.

177 Luminous Yellow

It is so awesome. It is the colour of highlighters and is the brightest shade of yellow. (I think so anyway! )

178 Alizarin
179 Vermillion
180 Tangerine
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