The colour pink bring an amazing amount of joy to most people. It makes are hearts feel open and free, are minds filled with beutiful thoughts and dreams.
For me it seems like the light at the very end of the tunnel, when all your dreams finally come true. But for most it the colour of love blossoming. OR maybe I'm just really wacko, but at least I'm telling you what I REALLY think!

Hello. I do NOT understand why pink is number 10. Pink is the color of love and peace. It is the color of the breast cancer awareness. Pink has been my favorite color for the whole 11 years of my life. I tell my friends that their things are cool, but they'd be better in pink. I sprained my wrist and my cast isn't pink. Pink is pretty. It is the color of piggies. I love piggies! It also is the color of delicious sweet treats like bubble gum, cotton candy, and stawberry candies, and much more. I love everything that is pink. It is the color of female elves, the tooth fairy, and it is a color well known in Easter time. Pink is great. When I grow up, my closet (which will be pink) will hold a variety of pink clothes. My room ( furniture wallpaper and floors are pink) will be covered in pink flowers to lighten up the perfect pink. My everything will be pink. I will make a special room and paint the walls a rainbow honoring the many shades of pink, pink, pink! I am the most crazy about ...more

It was a tough tie between black, pink and purple, but I chose pink for more reasons than one. Its meanings stood out to me the most. Being the color for breast cancer and love, it stood out to me.

While I have never had it myself, or been alive while someone I know does, I do know someone who battled with breast cancer. She fought so hard and nearly lost her life, but she is still here today. She's living a long, long life, and I am so proud of her.

Love. Such a diverse thing. Not all love is true or requited. Love can be between two men, two women, a woman and a man, a man, a woman and another man, someone who's agender and a woman, etc. The diversity of love is what stands out to me.

The feeling of being in love...
It's both the worst and best thing you can experience. And the feeling of never being in love can be soul crushing to some, and gratifying to others.

My deepest apologies for rambling, but that's why I chose pink.

I always thought pink is the most popular color. But when I saw blue everywhere, I got upset. I became the enemy of blue, and supported pink. But now I wonder why I'm being so stupid over colors? Pink is truly a pretty, and cute color. It fits on every girl. As females should like pink. I still like pink, a lot. I will still support pink until it becomes the world's most popular color. Just look at it! A true beauty! I wished more people voted pink as well as blue so it could become the 2nd popular, at least. If it can't become 1st, replacing blue.

Pink is truly a beautiful color, both symbol-wise and look-wise. Not only does pink give you a satisfying feeling as you look at it, it also holds some pretty sweet symbolism behind it, It symbolizes breast cancer awareness, love, romance, sweetness, femininity, gracefulness and much more. How could anyone not simply adore such a sweet color?

Why I love pink.

The color pink represents caring, compassion and love. The pink color stands for unconditional love and understanding, and is associated with giving and receiving care... In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings.

It also the fight for breast cancer. Dead pool loves red and pink! - DijaUnicorn

I'm a guy and I like pink. If you are a guy and say pink is a girl color your 5. And for breast cancer so yeah. If your cool enough to know pink is a good color well you're cool. Even though hot pink is better because it's HOT

Hey, I think pink is one of the most famous colors for everyone not just girls. I am not going to let anyone be afraid to say that the girl color is their favorite color. That's why pink is my favorite color, it motivates so many of people like me and you to just get up and go and when I am crying and I look at pink it motivates me to go back to the top and have a great time

I don't understand why some people (especially women) think that pink is a disgusting color. I bet they just say that because they want to appear stronger and more man-like. Pink is actually a very pretty color. Pink deserves more than what it is given.

I don't understand why people hate pink just because they think it looks "ugly, and girly" when there is so much more of it. Pink is the color of the Chinese blossoms in the spring. Pink is the color of the sunrise. Pink is the color of love and beauty and silence. Most of all, pink is the color of the fight against breast cancer.

PINK IS THE BEST COLOR EVER! I have pink all over my room, but I also have dark blue. Anyways, pink is so amazing and it's the color of many pretty things such as different flowers, breast cancer awareness, and princesses! Pink is so pretty and is an important color. Go pink!

The color pink is a lovely color. It just gives off this beautiful vibe which somehow just makes you love it. It is also the color supporting the fight against breast cancer. That reason right there should make you support this pretty color.

Pink is so underrated. I think many or most girls like pink and women are still half of the population on earth. So pink doesn't deserve a 10th place. It should definitely come in top 5.

I love pink it should be at least number three!

I loved pink ever since I was a kid. It has always been my favorite color. And it still is my favorite color. I painted my room pink, bought a pink violin, and I have a lot of pink stuff. My room has so much pink!

I love pink so much! The girls and guys in my class mostly like pink, I was shocked that the boys liked pink since it was a girly color and most of my previous classes they mostly like blue and not pink.

My Favorite color is Pink. Its a very cute color. Lot of girls like Pink Color and I am also a girl. Pink is perfect color for females. I like red color also but I like pink more then red. I am telling true.

Did you know that back during George Washington's time, they were going to have pink be for boys? Then the cards were turned, proving that pink being "the perfect color for females" is all just culture. I have nothing against pink, of course, and it's fine if it's your favorite color. All I'm saying is that females should be able to chose what color they like. :)

Note: Sorry if that's mean, I'm really sleepy right now, and I get grouchy when I'm sleepy.

Yes I agree people shouldn't not like pink because it's a "girl" color. And it's the for for breast cancer. My grandma died because of breast cancer so I also support it as well!,

Pink is the most loveliest and prettiest color in the world. It's not childish and just because you are "growing up" into teenage hood, doesn't mean you have to stop liking this beautiful color.

I have always loved pink from the time I was a child. I think it is the prettiest most feminine color. Purple is second. I do not like blue at all.

I like pink but its not because every girl does.i think pink is just a beautiful color which is unique in its own way. It's filled with sweetness and cheers people up.

I love this shade of pink because it is very just cute I guess I like it better than all the other pinks because this pink is pale and sweet.

I think pink is a great colour because it is the colour of unicorns and cotton candy and you should be allowed to express your personality and pink is a very calming and summery colour.

Pink is my most favorite because it is beautiful I just love this color it is amazing

I am surprised that there's hardly anybody you choose paint it's like every single girl in that surprising to find the boys like pink.