Purple is the the color of individuality though some people might say it is used for rebellion, but rebellions are not always bad. Some people call showing individuality showing a rebellion. People use purple a lot of times for graffiti because they know when some people see purple used they know that person is showing that they are their own person aka an individual. Now if any of you see graffiti that has purple in it just imagine a person writing that and thinking in their in that they are special and one of a kind.

I can't remember when Purple was not a part of my life. I claimed it when I was too young to remember, but my mother has told me so. I was labeled "Purple Flerp" in the seventh grade and wore that title proudly. Oddly enough I was born on a Thursday, Thursday's color is Purple. I have had Purple bathrooms, kitchens, bedding, and have Purple pinstripes on my car. I will buy things, seemingly unnecessary, simply because they are Purple; consequently the color theme runs throughout my home decorations, my clothes, and purses... As well as umbrellas and gardening tools. It always makes me feel good to see the color Purple.

Purples the best you know why because sure you have blue and green for nature or whatever. boring!
But orange is a neutral color, can be used for both genders, which cancels pink and purple.
Red stimulates your heartbeat. not good and blood duh
Yellow's too bright
White, black and grey are too emotionless so like purple rules the world also its for boys and girls and it means love happiness and peace so lets get the purple flag up

Purple has been my favorite color for several decades now. I love everything about it. I don't care if it is light, dark, pastel, or Jewel toned. It can be a red-based purple or a blue-based purple. It makes me happy and I have influenced others who don't hold it in as high regard as I do. They have sought it out to see what I love about it and have come to at least appreciate it for the duality color that it is. They have told me every time they see purple, they think of me! What an honor!

I love purple because it's a beautiful colour. Some people say that it represents sadness, but who cares? All it needs to be is beautiful. It isn't too girly and too boyish to me. I have a few of my friends that are male, and they like purple. If you are to make an alliteration with purple, my advise for you is "purple peace". HERE COMES THE PEACEMAKER! NO WAR BETWEEN PURPLE AND A DIFFERENT COLOUR! (I'm only kidding :)). By the way, GO PURPLE!

I think that purple is the most amazing color I can ever imagine. For me, this color really makes me stand out against most things. Everybody in my class likes other colors like blue, red, and green but I am the only one that likes purple and I am proud of that. It is a calm and a magical color. Whenever I am in stress, I think about purple and I am happy again. It has been my favorite color since pre-school

For me purple is part of who I am. Its bold and strong but calming and peaceful at the same time. Its different shades inspire so many emotions. Purple contains memories. Purple just feels right. Purple feels like home. I absolutely love purple.

Purple is amazing! It is a mix of blue and red, what could be better? - Horserider

Purple is the color of royalty. It also represents happiness on most mood rings. The color purple is so soothing, especially since it is popular in many shades. Also, there are tons of shades of purple that share names with flowers, like lilacs and lavenders, and WHO doesn't love flowers?

How can there be any other favorite color. Purple is passion, royalty, strength, calm, beauty, pride, wisdom, and power. It brightens a room, it uplifts your spirits, it blossoms in flowers, and glows in the night sky. Has been my favorite color since I learned colors at the age of three, now my daughters and nieces favorite color as well. Why purple? Why not?

I love purple. my whole room is purple everywhere. everyone in my family loves purple. my mom says if I wear my purple san Francisco hat (that is purple) I look like I have purple eyes. my brother Michael hates purple and whenever he says that I want to strangle him but I don't because I would go to jail.

Purple is an awesome color and it just emphasises awesomeness. It is a mix of two great colors, red and blue, and it is perfect for T.V. shows. Purple is also a Halloween-themed color, and boys and girls alike can all relate to it. - treypouch

Purple, I love it because it is a sign of hope and love. Purple is the only color I wear when my friends see a bunch of purple they are almost 100% sure that it is me. I love purple and I will never forget them.

Purple is a color that represents courage but at the same time it makes you feel at peace. Its simple, but classy. It is a great color to love. Just take a second and think about this: a warm purple velvet blanket wrapped around your body on a cold day. That is what purple makes me feel like every day.

I like purple because it ha so many different shades and tents that you can make with just this color it has some pretty tents like: light purple dark purple baby purple red violet blue violet which both violet and purple are the same the proper name for it is violet even though we call it purple. as you can see I love purple

I love the color purple my room is the same color as the color block as is says vote and of course I voted purple as I love that color this is a great app and really gives you loads of information about that specific color that was voted top I would love to go on but I have a funeral to plan for my auntie

Purple's the best! I love it because it looks beautiful. Some people say that it represents sadness, but who cares? I don't care if it represents gloom. All it needs to be is cool. It isn't too girly and too tomboyish to me. It's for boys and girls. So who cares?

Purple is that smooth jazz kind of color that makes me smile and is so soothing to say purple that one color to me that makes a difference the 2 most favorites colors are red and blue put them together and you get this majestically perfect color, it's like I'd god had a favorite color I wouldn't be surprised if it was purple

Purple is a color associated closely with royalty, uniqueness, rarity, and mystery. Personally, I find "harsher" (more saturated) shades of purple tough to stomach in large quantities, but softer shades make me feel at ease. My whole room is painted lavender and I absolutely love it.

There's just something about purple that makes it very intriguing. It's an everything type of color. It works with everything, anyone can like it, it's not like it's supposed to be just one genders color. It's relaxing, it's beautiful, I just think it's the perfect color.

I like the color purple because its the color of flowers like violets the color is a color in the rainbow on the show littlest pet shops the dog zoe is purple and she is my favorite character and its a pretty color that's why I love purple

Color of Royalty, World Domination and everything else cool. Reds and blue are kinda too ordinary so mix the two. When I think green I usually think Islam or hippies. Let's be honest, not sure why you wouldn't pick this. I'll Admit though blue is my second favorite, but the shade depicted here is to light of a tone.

My whole life is puple... at one time my hair was darkest brown til the sun hit it, it was truly purple, the car was Chameleon purple, the house exterior admiral grey (purple/grey), and the above ground pool was purple too. Now I have THE Coolest, Classy, Sassy purple living room, lil bit of Soul and a whole lotta Classy Sass! It's the most comfortable room in the house. People thought I was nuts when I redid it. It is amazingly beautiful!

Purple has been my favorite color ever since I was little. I love the color purple because I like peace and quiet, purple seems like it matches me, but mostly I love the color purple because I enjoy my time with that color. It really does indeed fit with the rainbow (YAY PURPLE)!

This is this is Such an amazing color and It is so please vote for this color and don't should be the color is that most people like this you're sad or happy no matter what your own you're always going to pick this color because it has a little bit dark thank you. And