It's the color that shouts peoples names
In the right way and it makes them sound nice and sometimes cheerfull and booming in a good way that no one can explain!

Red is a cool color. Red strikes fear in the eyes of human when they don't know it. For example, if one collage football team wears red and the other black, the red team has the advantage just in appearance. Seeing the color red makes humans heart rate go faster. Therefore, red is a cool color.

Personally me, I prefer a more crimson red to show what kind of stuff I like. The crimson to me paints a perfect picture of how things can have dark sides to it. Regular red means passion, love, romance, but the crimson to me means the dark side of things. And that's what I like about most things, the darker parts of it. Why do you think Stan is my favorite Eminem song? - hiphopgod

Red looks good on many things and when I here the word "Color", I think of red. Good color for a car as well. - DeadlyKhan

I am so sorry I had to say to you. Is not that true that red is for a car is a lie to me. Good luck, it is really wrong English ever.

Red is one of the best colors in my eyes. It represents the fire symbol, Aries, which can represent many things such as:
-the beginning of all things in the world
-and so much more

With a color that represents the good with the bad, who wouldn't fall in love with it? Of course, this is my personal opinion. (I'm an Aries just so you know and red has been my favorite color since I knew what a color was, so don't think I'm saying this just because the horoscope's preferred color is apparently red. )

Red is misunderstood sometimes as people say it means angry but Red is #2 in the world but that doesn't make it a bad color it is still a cool color because when this comment was made Red was a 9% You might think that is low but Blue who is 1st just has 13% half of 13 is 6.5 And Red which is 9% is 2.5% higher than half of Blue's 13%

Red has always been my favorite color, probably since I was 1 and a half. It always gave me that booming personality, which I personally think suits me well. Red just shouts out to me more than any other color, and I think that it deserves to be at least in the top 3, if not first.

RED RULES! (second) (my favorite color) YOU PEOPLE SHUT UP! Don't choose favorite colors like that. don't choose it like "Green is the color of good, nature, and earth."! Choose it like which looks best mine is red. I'm fine with blue being the favorite BUT RED IS THE SECOND!

I like this color :P what can you say about this except for facts about this color? It's your personal opinion. Though, your favorite colour might (I say might) show your personality. As an example, psychologists say that if your favorite color is red, you should be optimistic, have strong survival instincts, like to be the center of attention, etc. However, I'm actually completely NOT like that (though most people are) - Bokito

Red is the best color and I don't care if the people don't love it the important that I love it and I will not changed the color because there don't like it every one have his favorite thing

I'm kinda obsessed with this color, I love red! It's the color of passion, prosperity, victory, and love. On the negative side, it symbolizes wrath, anger, and blood or war. Red is just full of life and it's bright.

Red when you look at it it gets your heart pumpin' and makes me feel more embraced to the world and want to be in it as long as I can.

Red just seems so complete. For example, take blue. Blue works with green, purple, and other colors, but not really on its own. Red looks good on its own, while I feel many other colors are reliant on other colors to look good.

Red is the color of Power Ranger leadership, color of anger/rage, button of destruction, blood that comes out our bodies when we're hurt or dead, the red sea (not really), stop light and sign, and all other kinds of stuff.

Red is the best color it is better than blue red is also the color of your blood red is the the sun red is the best and scariest looking color.

One of my favorite colors, it's red. It is passion, wealth, and bravery, apple, blood, ruby, roses, and WATCH out for the bull, he hates this color! - Neonco31

Red makes me feel uncomfortable. It feels like I'm bleeding. If I see the color red when I'm in a car I would feel like blood is pooling up like a hose in a bucket. That is why I hate the color red and the color red makes me feel uncomfortable.

Red was my favorite as a toddler, and I can still see the appeal of it today. It's strong and when it glitters or shines it looks the best of any color. It's bright and flashy and makes a statement and is a great color for a car.

Red is colour of many affects, it is yet dark like blood but unique like wine. Red is abstract and many of the best team wear it such as Liverpool. Red is a bright glowing colour, relates to a nice red fire flame. who doesn't love a bonfire. Red is a joyous bright colour and blends with the sun. Its Is a rather solo colour as it doesn't mix to well with other colours.

Red is so cool! You know, now red 2nd best color in the world so close to blue, green in 3rd place that will be soon catching them up, and yellow in 4th place that is getting away from the ones behind, blue is still 1st

Red so nice because when ever I think of the color Red it just reminded me of how in China they use the color to put on the door to keep the monsters away

I like how the colour can symbolize many things: Anger, Passion, Love, Energy, Fire, Power etc. It's a color that stands out.

Actually red doesn't really stand out. Green does. Red is darker.

Red is a bright and lovable color. I think that red should be number 1. Red and Blue are nice but red should be number 1 and blue should be number 2.

Red is my favorite color because it's the color of of blood. I also agree that it is the warmest of all the color. I am female and I am an extrovert. Red is also the sign of love and hope.

Red is the color of romance (describes me perfectly) and the color of anger and violence ( also describes me perfectly). It is a very warm and pretty color, and shows emotion. I think it looks like a color for everything ( nail polish, cars, dresses,etc.) and is sometimes bright and cheerful or dark and mysterious. It is just perfect!