Sapphire Blue


HOW DARE YOU PUT SAPPHIRE THIRTEENTH! IT IS THE BEST COLOR EVER! It is so beautiful and it is my birthstone. It is amazing and it should dazzle you by it's beauty. It is soothing and helps you relax with it. Way better than normal BLUE!

Sapphire blue is just amazingly beautiful color. It's the color of a stone for heaven's sake, it has to be a good for if it's a color of a gem!

Very strong blue, this is my absolute all time favorite color, and is the gemstone on the wedding ring I gave to my wife when we got married 7 years ago.

Definitely one of my favourite colours this should be 1 or two this is such an amazing colour

My birthstone! It resembles clarity, and clear thinking.

It was my color theme for my bat mitzvah and I'm going to get sapphire blue highlights in my hair!

Thank you! It's so vibrant and pretty!

I like blue and my comforter and a lot more of my room is blue

The colour is my favourite colour

My dad's birthstone, and my favorite gem. Plus I love blue!

I know right is the BEST color ever and that word

I'm in a band called Sapphire, so I had to pick this - Boi

My birthstone I was born in September too gal I worship sapphire blue!

Sapphire is the better half of Garnet in Steven universe

I have always liked sapphire and black, with silver... - Lucretia

I like any blue so I'm voting for all the blues.

It very pretty also it my birthstone

One of my favorite types of blue - GeoffTheThrasher

As long as it has a blue in it, its awesome

I just love saphire blue to and it's so pretty like every color except black and brown

I love this colour! it is a royal colour and makes be feel like that too!

This color is very beautiful, even thought I'm not a fan of blue since I think it's too popular. I'm more of a red person. But sapphire blue is truly is beautiful, a much unique, better version of blue. Plus it's the color of super junior! :D E.L. F FOR LIFE!

Best colour in the world.
You would agree with me if you have read sapphire Battersea. By jacqueline Wilson. 1 of the best books of all time, along with the name of 1 of the best colours of all time!

I have to agree that it is a Beatiful color. However, I think Hot Pink should come in first. I am a little girl who loves to color and is there a marker or color pencil that is Sappjire Blue?