Sky Blue


Sky blue is the most fantastic color in the world and sky blue is definitely my most favorite color in the whole wide world because like you sad sky blue is the best color in the world and it is calm and comforting.

Sky blue is amazing! It would actually be better if it was known a bit more because blue is 1st but sky blue is actually better than the main 'blue' but people don't find out about it, they just press blue because sky blue categorises in blue. It is so relaxing and it just gives me happiness when I look at it.

This is such a relaxing colour and it's very beautiful so it's much better than bright solid colours like green and red

Sky blue is an amazing color. I love it, because it relaxes me, gives me positive energy and is simply a beautiful color. It reminds me at spring

Sky blue brings light to the sky and all around us if it weren't for the sky the waters wouldn't be blue and without the sky where would the clouds float in their gracefulness.

This color can be in the sky I just want to paint my room this color.

My very fave color. It's so pretty and just brightens up my day to see it!

Sky blue is a calm, relaxing, confident color. I'd love to have my room painted this color!

Nice calming colour. Look at the sky on a summers day and sky blue just is so relaxing

I love sky blue its calm and reminds me of a calm beach sea

Calming and magnificent, difficult to get bored of

I like this blue because when I see it I makes me feel happy and calm, good for you are angry

It makes me relax looking at this while I'm doing my homework

I just love this colour. It's me favourite.

Blue is everywhere and it is a cool and relaxing color.!

I like sky blue ti is nice to see and the color.

This colour was so pertty, it was not that dark, also is not too light. When I was upset, this colour will let me feel more better. Sky...

Believe it or not I'v seen several different shades of "sky blue". The real sky blue is pretty though.

Sky blue is by far the most relaxing and wonderful colour and it is ful of joy.


Not its not, guy below me. it's a nice color, but not the best ever. Midnight Blue is the best.

Sky blue is the awesome color which u will see in the sky sea etc

Skyblue is realixing and it is very awesome think of it it is also kinda baby blue

I love sky blue because it is calm and peaceful and it reminds me of cotton candy <3 Also it is not as bright as normal blue so it's more peaceful and happy.

I love sky blue color because I am Somali. Somalia national flag is sky Blue with white star which means the beautiful oceans Somalia have the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean and the white star which means the five region
of Somali people Ogeden(Ethiopia), Somali Kenyan (Kenya), Somali Djiboutian (Djibouti), and the two United regions of Somalia South Somalia and North Somalia. Peace for all Muslims and Somalis!