It's just plain beautiful. A very good color in any kind of shade. It's my favorite color ( what do you know!? ) haha it's the color of the sea, most of them any ways. And is a peaceful yet stern color. Red is my second. Then green. Then hot pink. Just in case you wanted to know haha

Imagine the soothing color of leaves blended with the relaxing hue of the oceans, touched by the solemnity of the clear sky and sprinkled with the hypnotizing beauty of fresh, winter snow! The outcome, TURQUOISE!

I feel like turquoise is the calming color. It reminds me that the earth is around us,and the turquoise ocean. Turquoise is a loud color. It screams its name of difference and it's a proud color too. Ever since I was 8 turquoise was kind of a factor of the world to me. Turquoise is also the color of my brothers birth stone. It is a misty color but with a bright twist. Turquoise truly rules!

Turquoise is such an awesome color. All of my friends and I love this color. 7 of my friends including me has turquoise as our room color, so I suggest u redo your survey. Most American girls love turquoise!

Turquoise is the color of freedom and ability to push beyond your limits. It represents calmness and bravery. Also, turquoise is a cute color, good for just everyone!

Turquoise is my favorite color! It's awesome! I'd say it's my favorite color because my room is that color and the tips of my hair is the color and half the stuff I own is turquoise as well! :-)

I think that it should be the first best color because it so pretty and it reminds me of the ocean.

Turquoise is the most beautiful color on the world in fact I am painting my room that color today so those 3percent of people who say that is the best color are right

I love this color! A big reason for this is probably that I don't see the color that often. My backpack is turquoise, so I always get to wear turquoise one way or another!

Light blue turquoise! What-a-color!

Turquoise is a beautiful colour made from the green and blue. I love this colour because it is the colour of the sea and makes me smile like the colour yellow

Blue and green were the most popular colors but turquoise is blue and mixed together. it should be number 1!

Calming and cool always my #1 choice by far it's a color in between and it is a color that goes with most every thing also very pretty.

Everything I colour like beaches and swimming pools I always colour in turquoise. its one off my fave colours next to sandy red and sunset pink

Turquoise is a pretty and unique color. It represents the amazing turquoise waters all around the world. It is important to me because it has two colors that mix together to make an amazing color. Turquoise has been one of my favorite colors for about six years. I will aways love turquoise.

I think blue is the best and My little daughter is the same my older daughter favorite is pink my husband is black

Turquoise is unique and beautiful. A perfect blend of the colors blue and green. It's really quite spectacular.

Turquoise is really pretty I think my 2 favorite are purple and turquoise

Who doesn't like the perfect mixture of green and blue? It's creative, peaceful, like the tropical oceans. When you look at this colour, you think of oceans and beaches, perfect summer vacations. Who wouldn't like this? it is also perfect for bedroom colours, and is exciting!

I think Turquoise is the colour of the sea. It is a shade of the most popular colour. I think it is the colour of tears as well.

Turquoise is my bar. But unfortunately it's not 1st even though it's a shade of blue - not fair!

I like turquoise, it's a pretty color. Whenever I make a house in the sims I always like to make the walls turquoise. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Turquoise is simply so gorgeous! And it reminds me of home and water and everything between it! Its amazing!

What a beautiful colour! My bedroom is blue and turquoise and every time I go in it I relax and just feel good.

Turquoise makes me fill happy and excited for the because it's the color of my room