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Add your favourite flash games here! Please only games, which means you get to do something in the flash. If you insert a play button it doesn't count as a game!
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1 Super Smash Flash 2

This is the best flash game ever. I t needs to be number one. It's a super combo of all of the best heroes fighting each other super smash bros. Brawl style. Look it up on Armor Games and you'll see what I mean.

This is my favorite flash game. I will still love it even though Master Hand's boss fight is extremely disappointing. Also, it's free!

This is definitely the best flash game. It plays like the actual Smash Bros. games and it's FREE.

One of the only flash games with online mode

2 World's Hardest Game

The music is awesome! The only problem I have with it is that it's too hard... lol

I've tried the game myself, its way harder than flappy bird

Ugh I smash the computer after loosing this game

Whoever created this is a genius.

3 Strike Force Heroes 3

I used to love this game so much because of all the guns and all that, very memrable

This was a great memorable game

4 Raze

You see this came from armor games is superb... I can't believe you guys put this on number 25

5 Super Mario 63

Excellent game over 30 shine sprites, lots of levels, great gameplay, simply the greatest flash game ever! And it's not even finished!

I finish the whole game and this game is so fun, Its Super Mario 64 and Sunshine in 2d

Simply the greatest, fullest, and most fun flash game ever.

This is a great game that I still play till this day

6 Ultimate Flash Sonic

This games fun.The cheat code to unlock everything is 595313131313131.Its 593 than 31 six times.

7 Commando 2
8 Capoeira Fighter 3: Ultimate World Tournament
9 The Impossible Quiz 1

I spent an hour trying to figure it out until I had to use cheats. Best flash game ever.

The 102nd question is the worst. Sometimes the squares just randomly spawn on you.

So fun, yet SO challenging!

10 Chaos Faction 2

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? Sticky Ninja Academy
? Super Santa Kicker
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11 Dino Run

Being another highly popular flash game, Dino Run was retro gaming at its finest. The gameplay is insanely fun and addicting and there are plenty of unlockables to keep you hooked. There is also a multiplayer version and a spin-off on Steam.

I can't believe this is not on the list. Dino run is a very unique game and an excellent survival game.

12 Crush the Castle

Best game for destroying castles and things, the physics is satisfying.

13 Bloons Tower Defense 5

So addictive plus there is now a multiplayer version which is really intense

Dude this has to be in the top tens...

Bloons is the king of flash games

So fun I play it almost everyday

14 Platform Racing 2

One of the best games during it's time. I remember playing it during my childhood. It's pretty much dead now since nobody plays it anymore.

This is the beginning of power to the player. We have the option to create the stages we want and play them with our friends. Makes a person get excited about it's coming sequel!

Fantastic game, one of my all time favorites. Being able to level up, race with friends and create your own maps are just some of the things that make this game great!

Oh wow! I love the level editor and all the different character designs. A lot of the people on the chat thing are pretty nice too!

15 Happy Wheels

A very well-known flash game among the internet and has been played by tons of popular Youtube gamers such as PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and UberHaxorNova. This game is just violent chaos of hilarious proportions, and, of course, what good is a game without a builder mode?

Bloody fun (pun intended)

It's sad that this is not ethen in the top 10.

Happy wheels is not flash dumbasses

16 Plazma Burst 2

Pb2 has the most satisfying enemy deaths ever! Another great thing about his game is that you can create your own maps to play and even modify your own weapons! Want a tiny pistol that does infinite damage? DONE! Want a grenade launcher that shoots so many projectiles that it crashes the game? DONE! Want a girlfriend? Sadly, this game won't do that for you. BUT IT'S STILL AMAZING!

17 Territory War

Fun game that has multiplayer function

18 Abobo's Big Adventure

Forget the NES Classic, this is the greatest playable tribute to the NES ever made. Fight your way through tons of game references as you journey through eight classic NES games (and one lousy one), each with its own faithfully recreated gameplay.

19 No One Has to Die

This game blows my mind. 7 times.

20 The Last Stand
21 Stick War 2

I believe this is an entertaining and excellent flash game. Lots of strategy is required especially in multiplayer. I think the story for such a small game is incredibly diverse. One of the best flash game ever and certainly the best stick game. Perhaps Henry stickmin or stickwar 1 of course

my dudes used to play this on the computer room during free time

22 The Last Stand: Union City
23 Papa's Freezeria

Frozen desert themed restaurant game variant in the Papa's game series.

24 Strike Force Heroes 2

You can choose armor

Best of em' all

25 Run 3

I'm surprised this game was't on the list when I made this. This game is so simple and fun I love it.

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