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Add your favourite flash games here! Please only games, which means you get to do something in the flash. If you insert a play button it doesn't count as a game!

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81 Bomb It 6

Same gameplay as bomberman except more cute and also has better graphics than the original 5 games.

82 Mutiny

I've spent more time then I'll admit on this

83 Friv Juegos 7
84 Territory War
85 Amateur Surgeon
86 Combat Tournament Legends

The game is badass, even if there are just few characters, the violence makes it so epic

87 Strike Force Heroes 2
88 Zombotron 2
89 Fancy Pants Adventures

I love this game, and I know the third one is awesome because its on Xbox Live and PSN, which is hard for a game to start as a flash game and end up on PSN and Xbox live

90 Fabletop

Endless character custom.great will have a great time

91 Duck Life 4

Game where you can train your ducks, race and more!

92 Free Rider HD
93 Armor Mayhem
94 Raze 2
95 Commando Rush
96 The Last Stand: Union City
97 Newgrounds Rumble
98 Sewer Run 2: Nite Ops

Sewer Run was another great 3D game from Miniclip. It is a skateboarding game where you ride a 4-wheeled dirt board down a sewer system and race against your opponents. The game also featured tricks and moves for you to rack up points for game extras and character customization. The second release was a big upgrade, but we could've done without the parachuting at the end of every race. - Mcgillacuddy

99 Broforce
100 Bad Ice Cream 3
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