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21 Ginger Translator
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23 Babylon-Software V 1 Comment
24 Tomedes

Provides extremely fast human translations into over 50 languages

25 British National Corpus (BNC)

The Best Free Website Translator (it uses Google Translator)

I use this to translate Websites, it's very easy!

27 Lingo 24

Uses Google and Altavista; only European languages. - rednbluearmy

28 Translation Guide

Does the job but the interface is not very appealing. - rednbluearmy

Shrek approves of this translator.

29 HandyTranslator

Human machine translation with translation memory and glossaries options. The program features a graphical user interface that can be located anywhere on the screen side by side with the text being translated. Both the translation memories and the glossaries are bi-directional (For example: they can be used in English-French and French-English translation). Both are text files that can be easily edited using any word processing tool (Notepad, MS Excel, MS Word, etc. ) Features also including importing SDL TRADOS translation memories (TMX and Workbench-exported translation memories) and WordFast TM's. Extra features include aligning previous translations, etc. - ammokhtar

30 Translation company

A reliable tool that makes the software localization process easier. It has a friendly interface and there are new features and improvements all the time! Great support too!

For automatic translation, it lets you choose from Bing or Google characters. For fine-tuning, you can assign human translators to continue the job.

Very efficient for crowdsourcing translations for software localization projects!

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32 TalkingTranslator for Android Phones

This is a free app that I made and use at different areas. I can see it's not the best but the translator is powered by Yandex and uses Google speech to speak the translated text.

33 Cloudwords

Hi there

We just released our Free version of our Enterprise Translation Automation Platform.

We hope folks review it for inclusion in this list.

Cloudwords is free for a customer to use for up to three languages in 5 concurrent projects at time. Included with Cloudwords free edition, there is a choice of integrations with Marketing Automation (Marketo, Eloqua, SFMC, etc), Content Management (Wordpress, Drupal, etc) or product content (Github, Subversion, etc) that automatically interface with existing tools.

By using Cloudwords, a customer can choose free or low cost Machine translation or go to Language Service Providers in our marketplace to receive 'bids' on the work to be translated and then choose the best price/package.

Cloudwords customers have experienced 60% reduction in translation cycle time and over 50% reduction in translation costs.

34 Wanslate

The Wikipedia translator -- very useful for technical translations. Harnesses the vast amount of cross-lingual information on Wikipedia and Wiktionary, and present it in a neat, time-saving way. Simple user interface. Built for translators, by a translator, but is a generic tool for anyone who wonders what a word or phrase means, which language it is and what it is in other languages. All Wikipedia languages (currently 292).

35 IATE (Inter-Active Terminology for Europe)

Most reliable European terminology search engine.
IATE Inter Active Terminology for Europe is the EU's inter institutional terminology database. IATE has been used in the EU institutions and agencies since summer 2004 for the collection, dissemination and shared management of EU specific terminology.

36 SpanishDict

The Best Spanish Translator and Dict


Instant Spanish to English translation. Daily vocabulary and grammar lessons

Instant Spanish to English translation. Daily vocabulary and grammar lessons.
Spanish to English - ryanhall

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