Top Ten Gibson Guitars

The top ten guitars made by Gibson not including custom shop guitars.
The Top Ten
Explorer Reissue 76

James Hetfield

Les Paul Classic Vintage Sunburst

It's amazing. Why is the Explorer Reissue 76' even up there? Not only do I think it looks stupid but the sound and total value is ten times worse. When I play a Les Paul Classic it feels perfect when I play a Explorer Reissue it compares to a higher quality Epiphone. Its an amazing guitar and is very fun to play I highly recommend it to anyone who has a decent amount of skill with guitars.

The Explorer Reissue 76 is terrible compared to this beauty. The vintage sunburst color is very rich. I would rather pay $10,000 for this than $100 for the Explorer Reissue 76.

I just bought a AAA Les Paul Semi Hollow and am in love with it. Light weight and sings to me when I play it.

Very nice guitar/ This counts as the robot guitar as well because they both sound the same

SG Angus Young Signature

This guitar has horns like the devil.
The devil is rock and roll so yea les paul sucks.

Angus young is awesome combined with the SG you get a monster

better for rocking, but that about it

its better than the les paul for its sound and looks kooler with the cerry red and its buffilow like horns

SG 61' Reissue Worn Cherry

nice looking, nice sounding

59 Flying V
X-plorer New Century Ebony

crazy guitar, best in heavy distortion

oh explorer is a great guitar

Gibson Jr Bille Joe Signature

Just an awesome raw tone, if you twiddle the tone knob just right you can emulate a neck pickup from the H-90 bridge so you can still get the sweet child of mine lead tones!

Melody Maker Satin White

very nice for classic rock and melody making

Firebird Studio Ebony/Gold

Very unique sound, weird guitar

Les Paul Lester William Polsfuss, known as Les Paul, was an American jazz, country, and blues guitarist, songwriter, luthier, and inventor.

Just the les paul itself is legendary

'78 the greatest year

The Contenders
V-factor Reverse Flying V
1937 L-00

Crazy acoustic guitar, great for about everything, except rock

Buckethead Signature Les Paul

So many great players have used this guitar. e.g Freddie King, BB King, Clapton, Alex Lifeson, Chuck Berry. etc. Les Paul is great but since I'm more of a blues player, the 335 gets my vote.

It sounds amazing, has a great style, and looks absolutely gorgeous in sea foam color.

Should be higher than 16! This is the supreme semi hollow guitar

Why this ranked so low should be number 7 at least

Firebird X

It's amazing!
Very light and comfortable

V-factor Flying V

great sound and good looking plus kirk hammet has one

Gibson Dark Fire
Les Paul Studio Worn Cherry
DG 335

I think it's Gibson's coolest looking guitar and best sounding but that's just me.

I love the explorer a real rock sound

Flying V
Songwriter Deluxe Studio

I've only been playing for one month, SDS naked me want to keep on learning.

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