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221 Umberto Eco Umberto Eco Umberto Eco OMRI (5 January 1932 – 19 February 2016) was an Italian novelist, literary critic, philosopher, semiotician, and university professor. more.

The Name of the Rose is my favorite novel of all time. But with each book he got worse. His second one is still great though.

222 Peter Deunov
223 Lisi Harrison
224 Franklin W. Dixon

Didn't expect to see his name here! Is this Chet Morton voting? Or maybe his sister Iola?

225 Barbara Park
226 Paul Langan
227 Sienna Mercer

Come on everybody who likes the harry potter series try reading something heaps better my sister the vampire series it is so cool and has so many killer stories in it you will like every book in the series my favourite book is switched the first novel.

The best author in the world I LOVE HER she is so cool

Her first 4 books were okay, but after that she started producing lower grade work.

The author of the my sisters a vampire series

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228 Paul Jennings

A popular aussie author who wrote the un series

229 Morris Gleitzman

The author of many books such as worry worts, gift of the gab and more

230 Emily Rodda

I have read Deltora Quest and the video game one. They were great books. My friend and I are big Fans.

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231 Anna Fienberg V 1 Comment
232 Lois Duncan

Wrote hotel for dogs and news for dogs

233 Michael Gerard Bauer

Wrote don't call me ishmael, ishmael and the return of the duegons and more books

234 Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson has always been my all-time favourite author. She has inspired me to be a writer myself. I always love to read her books and relate to characters such as Beauty from "Cookie", because I am shy and insecure, and I like watching nostalgic cartoons and shows sometimes. GO JACQUELINE!

How did you forget about her? She should be number 1 on this list!

Wrote so many great books I can't keep count of them

You are all right she deserves better than this

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235 Andrea De Carlo
236 Dan Brown

While many may feel why Dan Brown isn't considered one of the greatest, it is necessary that people don't undermine his brilliant sense of story telling, his suspense and moreover his ability to research on topics and mildly skew them to make his piece of work into a delight for readers.

The reason why I voted this guy is based on what was the reaction of the people after he released his book, The the Vinci's Code. It was so well written that even the Vatican is concerned that it will change how Christians thinks about their own history (when most of them doesn't really care about it).

Regardless of religious persuasion this man writes fantasist stuff calling them all facts when they are proven one absurd lie after another.
Putting the ludicrous religious sensationalist conspiracy stuff to one side they are historical and artistic nonsense.
Not just not top ten, he shouldn't be in any position in the list whatsoever.


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237 Arthur Ransome
238 G. A. Henty

I love everything he has wrote ye!

239 Anne Frank Anne Frank

There are many reasons why Anne Frank should not be at the bottom of this list. Her heartbreaking diary shows the monstrosity of Nazi Germany and the hatred they had for the Jewish people. Anne died in a concentration camp at the age of 16. Her diary is among the saddest, and most important, pieces of literature ever written.

I feel sorry for Anne Frank being at the bottom of the list. I have never heard of hear, but all books are great

Very important... should be way higher... I mean, Tom Clancy is higher, come on... this is a very important author, dealing with human love and emotions and fighting the super hated evil Nazis (I hate Nazis so much), very important.

240 Simone Sarasso
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