Top Ten Greatest Basketball Movies

It's basketball; these are the best movies of all time.

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1 Coach Carter Coach Carter Product Image

The greatest ever! I can never get sick of it, gets me so pumped

This is the most inspirational movie I've ever watch! This is excellent movie and a life. Coach Carter, I salute you. THE BEST FILM

this movie is awesome I use to hate basketball until I watch this movie it gets me pumped up now I love basketball its my favorite sport

Best basketball movie I have ever seen! It has inspired me that anything is possible! I'll be sure to show this movie to my players one day..

2 Space Jam Space Jam Product Image

It's amazing this movie. I love when MJ jumps and stretches his arm 10 meters in the final match

There is another Space Jam movie with Lebron James! I also think it's with the Looney Tunes but it might be with a different cartoon

It should be recreated with a player of today and the Spongebob characters

My favorite cartoons are the Looney tunes and I think everybody likes mj

3 Glory Road Glory Road Product Image

sport movie with true events

Amazing movie and based on true story.

Love this movie, get's me hype.

Awesome basketball movie. It has everything!

4 Hoosiers Hoosiers Product Image

HOOSIERS. Best basketball movie, EVER, based on a real life event where a David beats a Goliath, before high school divisions and class rankings. I listened to the whole game, live on the radio, and it was awesome. The whole state of Indiana was pulling for this team of underdogs. What a thrill it was when they won. No other movie, mostly fictional can ever come close to it. Space Jam, a cartoon? Give me a break.

Coach Carter and Space Jam? Is that a joke? Coach Carter is a good movie but it's not Hoosiers. Space Jam is good when your 10 years old. Hoosiers is the classic and is the best basketball/sports movie EVER!

The best basketball movie ever. And, for sure, in the top 5 of the best sports films of all time. No way any other basketball film can get close to this one.

Hoosiers by an absolute mile... Nothing even comes close! Seriously, any other vote for number one is a joke!

5 Love and Basketball Love and Basketball Product Image

How is this not number one. This movies a great movies about two peoples love for basketball but also their love for each other. Its a really great movie that everyone should see.

6 White Men Can't Jump White Men Can't Jump Product Image

this is in my top ten along with hoop dreams, he got game, space jam, above the rim, semi pro, the street stops here, blue chips, and coach carter. the movie hoosiers isn't a top 5 and is really dull. really what about it was good? and love and basketball shouldn't be in the top 20. it was ok at best ranking 39th behind juwanna man which wasnt as bad as people say it was.

this film got me into playing basketball. I love it.

This movie is pure greatness and I just love the story line!

7 He Got Game He Got Game Product Image

I love Denzel movies

8 The 6th Man The 6th Man Product Image

Never watched sounds like a great movie heard my friends talk about can't wait to watch I thinks its gonna be a good one but I'm just saying I have NEVER seen the movie before

Best basketball movie that you will ever watch in your life, I promise

Very nice. If I had a chance I would like to meet anton and kenny


9 Crossover Crossover Product Image

Street ball is more fun than the NBA even though is doesn't pay enough, we have to hand it to them these guys are good... This I know...

10 Hoop Dreams Hoop Dreams Product Image

Documentary about 2 Chicago area high-school hoops players' lives over a 5-year period. Maybe the best documentary ever and one of the best underdog basketball stories ever. Movie is long and moves slow. More footage showing day-to-day life than basketball. Gets very exciting during senior year.

The Contenders

11 One on One

Robby Benson did a pretty good job as a 5'10" high school star trying to get used to big-time college ball. Was it as good as Coach Carter? No, but it didn't have much to work off of.

Ray Allen? It gots to be the best

My favorite movie as a kid who loved basketball

12 Blue Chips Blue Chips Product Image

It had penny hardaway! Duh

13 Like Mike Like Mike Product Image

Why is this not higher up on the list? I grew up on this movie, I used to say "make me like mike" while tying my shoes before every game I played laugh out loud


14 Air Bud Air Bud Product Image
15 Celtic Pride Celtic Pride Product Image
16 More Than a Game More Than a Game Product Image

The story of Lebron James' high school career told by his teammates and himself. Very inspiring.

17 Semi-Pro Semi-Pro Product Image

Semi pro is HILARIOUS. Will Ferrel is a genius in the movie, and it should go down as not only one of the best sports movies of all time, but one of the funniest movies of all time.

18 Thunderstruck Thunderstruck Product Image

I love this movie

Awesome movie

19 Above the Rim Above the Rim Product Image

20! What? Come on, this is one of my favourite movies of all time

20 Rebound Rebound Product Image

Very underrated greatest basketball movie of all time easily

Story of the streetball legend earl manigault

21 The Red Sneakers The Red Sneakers Product Image
22 Hurricane Season Hurricane Season Product Image
23 The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend Product Image
24 Uncle Drew Uncle Drew Product Image

Top ten movies I've ever seen

It's funny

25 Just Wright Just Wright Product Image
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