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41 Fall of Constantinople (Ottoman / Byzantine Empire, 1453)

it's one of the most legendary conquests of all time. Constantinople was sieged 28 times before, but none of them succeeded because of the sea way was closed, the ships were pushed on the ground by the force of oxen and men. About seventy ships entered the golden horn by pushing on the road. the siege lasted 53 days, Sultan Mehmed II was only 21 years old when he conquered Constantinople. - gzmnrmnr

This battle was a decisive point in Turkey's history, if the Byzantines had won then Christianity would have had a much stronger influence in the Middle East.

A sultan who studied, dreamt, years about this siege, the siege of Constantinople, the young sultan Mehmed II a.k.a Mehmed the Conqueror,who was 21 years old, couldn't sleep because he was always thinking about his first battle, the glorious walls of Constantinople, doomed to fall to the Turks, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said 'the army which will conquer Constantinople will o so be glorious, and their leader will o so be wonderful'. A new beginning for the Turks, an end of the christian and roman era, walls which didn't fall for centuries, fell to a young, ambitious Ottoman sultan.

42 Battle of Trafalgar (Napoleonic War 1805)

Established naval dominance for England

43 Battle of Warsaw (Polish-Soviet War, 1920)

The Battle of Warsaw saved Europe from the expansion of Communism!

Great. Nr 48. Saving the Europe and only nr. 48 so much of heroism

Thanks to Polish we don't have comunism in Europe now. If bolshevic defeted Poland they could easly take over Germany, France and rest of the Europe inkluding Great Britain and british royals coul end in the same way like russian emperor.

Excellent. It's 41. F.e. less than some of american

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44 Battle of Verdun (World War I, 1916)

The Battle of Verdun SHOULD be in the top 10. It was ALMOST a German Victory there, and it was crucial for the Germans. The French Army NEVER recovered fully after this battle.

45 Kadesh (Egyptian-Hittite Wars, 1274 BC)

This battle was a major turning point in Ancient Warfare no doubt.

46 Pakistan/India War 1965

INDIA won that war, pakistan never reached Delhi

India won...

This doesn't deserve to be on the list, none of the sides won.
Even though Pakistan reached Delhi and India reached Lahore.

47 Battle of the Somme (World War I, 1916)

The dreadful losses influenced the British approach to WW2 that led to initial appeasement

48 Battle of Valmy (War of the First Coalition, 1792)
49 Battle of Sedan (Franco-German War, 1870)

This battle decided the fate of a lot of things that would happen in the world. The unification of Germany, the decisive end of monarchy in France and the most important thing we could say that it led to the harsh treatment of Germany in the treaty of Versailles

50 Battle of Tannenberg (World War I, 1914)
51 The Battle of Yorktown (American Revolutionary War, 1781)
52 Battle of Kosovo (Serbia vs Ottoman Empire, 1389)

Kosovo is Serbia!

The Battle of Kosovo between Serbia and the invading army of the Ottoman Empire took place on 28 June 1389.

The Battle of Kosovo is particularly important to Serbian history, tradition, and national identity

53 Battle of Karbala (680)

This was the greatest battle of mankind to prevail humanity over living a disgraceful life then towards having a respectable death with dignity!

After every Karbala Islam IS RE-BORN!

Humanity was reborn again!

54 Cajamarca (Spanish Conquest of Peru, 1532)

Francisco Pizarro conquered the largest amount of territory ever taken in a single battle when he defeated the Incan Empire at Cajamarca in 1532. Pizarro's victory opened the way for Spain to claim most of South America and its tremendous riches, as well as imprint the continent with its language, culture, and religion.

- MatrixGuy

55 Huai-Hai (Chinese Civil War, 1948)

Huaihai Campaign or Battle of Hsupeng (also Xu-Beng) was a decisive military action during 1948 and 1949, it was the determining battle of the Chinese Civil War. It is one of the few conventional battles of the war. 500,000 troops of the Republic of China (under the Kuomintang) were surrounded in Xuzhou (Hsuchow) and destroyed by the communist People's Liberation Army. - MatrixGuy

56 Battle of Rezang La (Sino-Indian War, 1962)

Great valor shown by the men of steel...

Best war ever fought

Sometimes considered to the Battle of Thermopylae, battle of Rezangla was the bloodiest battle of '62 war between India and China where 13 Kumaon led by Major Shaitan Singh consisting of just 120 soldiers stood and fought bravely to the last man, to the last bullet inflicting heavy casualties on the Chinese. It is estimated that they killed more than 1000 soldiers with A.303 rifle and a 3 inch mortar section without the use of artillery. This was not in vain as the Chinese march to Ladakh was halted and few days later they unilaterally declared ceasefire.

This supreme sacrifice and valor by indian army is speechless...I am proud to be an Indian.
But why this is at 74 position...I am shocked.

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57 Battle Of Haldighati (Maharana Pratap, 1576)

Great Maharana Pratap

"One who win from loosing position is called a gambler"
In this war people was knows extra ordinary bravery of RAJPUT warriors.

After almost waiting for 3 years for Rana Pratap’s submission, Akbar finally sent Maan Singh with an army of four times more than Maharana Pratap’s army, and moved towards Ajmer. While, Akbar and his army underestimated Pratap initially due to his lack of men, resource and allies, they forgot that Rana Sanga’s Mewar commanded numerous small Muslim and Hindu states. Also, even though the Mughals were on the conquering end, there were rulers and clansmen who sided Maharana Pratap as he was their only hope to defeat the Mughal army. ( Maharana Pratap’s supporters present in the battle of Haldighati were the Tanwars of Gwalior, the Rathores of Merta and even Hakim Khan Suri, a Pathan from south. Those who supported Rana and were not present in the fight were Deora Chauhans of Sirohi and Rathores of Idar along with several other states that bordered Mewar. )

On hearing that Maan Singh has entered Khamnor with the Mughal army, Rana Pratap left his capital and reached Khamnor. ...more

58 Zama (Roman/Carthaginian Wars 202 B.C.)

Should be in the top 10. Marked the true beginning of the Roman Empire that would dominate Europe for the next 600 years, and influence European history for the next 2200 years.

This battle marked the downfall of Hannibal, one of history's most famous and daring generals

If Hannibal won the war we would know a different world today.

59 Battle of Gettysburg (American Civil War, 1863)

Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, with more than 51,000 casualties, including 7,863 dead. Battle deaths in the Civil War totaled nearly 215,000.

This should be top 10... If the north would have lost this battle the United States might be not be united.

This turned the war around! America stayed as one and it was the deadliest day in U.S. History. Watch Gettysburg the movie then you'll get it

Without this Battle, the world would have change. Just imagine all the things American has done since WW1...gone if the Union lost.

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60 Operation Market Garden (WWII, 1944)

If this operation was successful, the war would have ended by Christmas. However there were some complications involving the prepared Waffen SS.

The concept was to deploy tonnes of U. S paratroopers into occupied Holland to secure roads and bridges, most notably at Nijmegen and Arnhen.

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