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61 Battle of Gallipoli (World War I, 1915-1916)

The most remembered battle for Australia, New Zealand and Turkey surly three countries remembering this should put this number one. All three lost many people and the ANZACs despite losing remember and respect the battle and opponents. It has also been made into many movies where it leaves you crying because the battle was just so horrific. I want Australians, New Zealanders and Turkish people to get behind me on this. This is the battle that gave all three nations a name and made us look capable and scary in battle.

When you read the stories about this battle, sadness is upon everywhere.

The ANZACs really proved themselves in this battle. Proud to be an Aussie.

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62 Battle of Myeongnyang (Imjin War, 1597)

Statistically, the greatest naval victory in history. Admiral Yi was advised to regroup and provide Military Support for the remaining ground troops but instead the most miraculous victory against a superior Japanese naval fleet. Completely underrated for a battle that changed the course of history in the Asian peninsula and as a 10 to 1 Underdog one of the greatest upsets and battle history

The Battle of Myeongnyang was a naval battle between Chosun, an Ancient Korean Kingdom, and Japan. It was held in the southwest corner of the Korean Peninsula in October, 1597.
After a series of defeat from the Japanese, the Chosun navy was left with 13 ships in total and faced 133 Japanese ships. Using his clever naval tactics, Admiral Yi was able to destroy 31 Japanese ships, even with the shortage of ships, troops, and supplies.

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63 Leyte Gulf (WWII, 1944)

This is the Biggest naval battle of World War 2 and in some criteria the biggest naval battle in history.

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64 Battle of the Hydaspes (Wars of Alexander the Great, 326 BC)

If it was not raining Alexander would have killed the very moment he entered the battlefield and Darius was never the ruler of India. When Alexander inavaded India Chanragupta Maurya defeated them get it

65 Battle of Agincourt (Hundred Years' War, 1415)

Point where Germany lost the war.

Greatest victory for the English led by the courageous Henry V of England.

66 Battle of Manzikert (Byzantine-Seljuk Wars, 1071)
67 Vimy Ridge (WW1, 1917)

Canadians took out the Germans in 4 days after 3 years of attempts and 200,000 lives from the British and French.

68 Battle of Hattin (Saladin vs 3rd Crusade, 1187)

Had Saladin not won the history of the middle east and hence the history of the world changed. Europe would have dug deeper into the area.

Saladin did a very good job at this war!

Saladin slays

It confirmed Salauddin as the ruler of Jerusalem.

69 Battle of Baltimore (War of 1812)

Out numbered in every way but the US still Owned Britan. - Schwanie2

70 Operation Husky (World War II, 1943)

Also known as the liberation of Italy

71 Winter War (World War II, 1939-1940)
72 Battle of Onikawa [ww2, Allies-Japanese, 1944-1945]
73 Sorena / Crassus (53 B.C. Iran War)
74 Sisak Battle (Croatia - Ottoman Empire) V 3 Comments
75 Battle of Panipat (1761)

"Victory or defeat was not a big thing but the bravery shown by Marathas was also praised by Ahmed Shah Abdali,"

76 Battle of Breitenfeld (Thirty Years War, 1631)
77 Battle of Los Angeles (World War II, 1945)

A UFO was spotted there. Americans shooted over 100 000 shells on that craft.

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78 Battle of Bannockburn (First War of Scottish Independence, 1314)
79 Battle of Kohima (World War II, 1944)
80 Tsushima (Russo-Japanese War 1905)

Set the stage for Japanese pacific dominance

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