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81 Tsushima (Russo-Japanese War 1905)

Set the stage for Japanese pacific dominance

82 Battle of Little Bighorn (American West, 1876)
83 First Siege of Antioch (First Crusade, 1097 - 1098)
84 Siege of Lisbon (Second Crusade, 1147)
85 Battle for Vienna (Austria-Ottoman Wars, 1529)

The Ottoman Turks' unsuccessful siege of Vienna in 1529 marked the beginning of the long decline of their empire. It also stopped the advance of Islam into central and western Europe, and ensured that the Christian rather than the Muslim religion and culture would dominate the region. - MatrixGuy

A vastly underrated choice. Without it much of Europe may be have been in Ottoman hands changing the face of global culture forever.

86 Dieppe Raid (World War II, 1942)
87 Operation Neptune (Omaha Beach, WWII 1944)
88 Battle of Issus (Wars of Alexander the Great, 333 BC)

Alexander the Great, outnumber 2.5 to 1 still defeated Darius I. It was a most impressive battle that was the beginning of the end of the Persian Empire.

89 Battle of Mogadishu (The Game Theorists, 1993)
90 Battle of the Chesapeake (American Revolution, 1781)
91 Battle of Hastings (Norman Conquest of England, 1066 A. D.)

Had the Normans lost this battle England and France's relationship would have been entirely different for centuries after.

92 Battle of Vimy Ridge (World War I, 1917)
93 Battle of al-Qādisiyyah (Persian War, 636)

This battle open Asia to Islamic conquest, after this battle the Muslim took the control of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia

Saad ibn Waqas did a very good job on handling the elephant army!

94 Battle of Lechfeld (Hungarian invasions of Europe, 955)

For centuries, the West was beset by various invaders from the east commonly referred to as "Huns." Following this pivotal battle and Otto the Great's decisive victory, the Magyars ceased their depredations and within half a century and with the conversion of King Stephen, Hungary was integrated into Christendom.

95 Battle of Ramla (Crusades, 1101)

Under brave leader Hugo von Falkenberg only 1.160 brave European crusaders defeated an Fatimid army of over 31.000. - Laris758

96 First Battle of Dorylaeum (First Crusade, 1097)
97 Second Battle of Dorylaeum (Second Crusade, 1147)
98 Battle of Cynoscephalae (First Macedonian War, 197 BC)
99 Battle of Watling St. (Roman Invasion of the British Isles, 61)
100 Siege of Nicaea (First Crusade, 1097)
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