Top Ten Greatest Fonts

Best fonts used on word processors and the internet.
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1 Comic Sans MS

All the rage it sparks makes it even better to me for some reason

I laughed so hard when I saw this was number one

I really like this font but I think monaco and inconsolata are better

Always used it in 2nd grade for google docs

2 Times New Roman

How is this at number 5! You do know that this font is the most formal font and should be used for every writing.

The default font of Word! I love typing in word with Times New Roman making letters in the white box!

The classic. Makes it look formal and orderly

Best ever
Needs to be in no.1 :D

3 Arial

Clear and attractive. My font of choice.

The normal font, and the most used

like the font style in this site

4 Metal Lord

Not only does it look cool, one of the most iconic metal bands used this font for their logo. And that's why it's one of my favourites (also it looks extreme!)

The font for the band Iron Maiden

just voting this to dethone Comic Sans

5 Shredded

The font for the Metal band Pantera

6 Squealer

The font for the Hard Rock band AC/DC

7 Wing Dings

Am I the only one who likes wingdings? Way better than times new roman.

O love wing dings and it's not even in the top ten come on

Who doesm't like wing dings?

Whenever I think of this font it reminds me of W.D gaster from undertale

8 Slaytanic

The font for the Metal band Slayer

9 Kalam
10 Verdana

A good solid sans-serif font that makes for easy reading on-line.

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11 Helvetica

Honestly, this list needs more professional fonts like Garamond, Bodoni, and Tarzania, as opposed to simply copying off the list on Microsoft Word.

Sharp, nice, sleek, and not all in your face.

The font of Corporate America

12 Pyrite

The font for the band Def Leppard

13 Creepster
14 Papyrus

Why does Undertale have to be realized to this? Can't we just treat it like a normal font? My god

Why is this not number one? You are disgracing the great Papyrus!

Cool stuff! I use that font now for my browser.

This font is stupid. only purpose is to get hipsters to think it's "zen"

15 Courier New

It's so awesome and mysterious looking. Great for writing horror or suspense stories.

Reminds me of old IBM Typewriters.

16 Chiller

Chiller is my favorite. It's just epic.

17 American Typewriter

My favorite...I use it all the time

18 Tahoma
19 Georgia

It isn't as reminisent (I can't spell) of an old fashioned book as Times New Roman is, and is easier to read. I always use Georgia to write test papers, science labs, etc.

Plus Comic Sans is number one?

Mysterious and overused as hell, I love it.

20 Edwardian Script
21 Algerian
22 Garamond
23 South Park Font
24 Gill Sans MT

This font is probably the most British font there is. It's almost everywhere in the UK (even BBC uses it) and I quite like it!

25 Cambria
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