Top Ten Greatest Fonts

Best fonts used on word processors and the internet.

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1 Comic Sans MS

Such a beautiful font oh oh oh - myusernameisthis

Just for fun - DankShaggy

yes - ListerBlister

I laughed so hard when I saw this was number one - Anonymousxx

Ironically, Comic Sans is voted as number 1 in the worst computer fonts. - Lucy1402

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2 Times New Roman

The default font of Word! I love typing in word with Times New Roman making letters in the white box!

3 Arial

like the font style in this site - ronluna

Clear and attractive. My font of choice. - datrandomguy

4 Georgia

Mysterious and overused as hell, I love it.

It isn't as reminisent (I can't spell) of an old fashioned book as Times New Roman is, and is easier to read. I always use Georgia to write test papers, science labs, etc.

Plus Comic Sans is number one?

5 Zephyr

it's the font used for the book twilight

6 Metal Lord

The font for the band Iron Maiden - christangrant

7 Wing Dings

Am I the only one who likes wingdings? Way better than times new roman. - awesomedude

O love wing dings and it's not even in the top ten come on
- awesomedude

Who doesm't like wing dings? - anonymous

8 Edwardian Script
9 Trebuchet MS
10 American Typewriter

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11 Shredded

The font for the Metal band Pantera - christangrant

12 Verdana

A good solid sans-serif font that makes for easy reading on-line. - mgenet

13 Squealer

The font for the Hard Rock band AC/DC - christangrant

14 Helvetica

The font of Corporate America

Honestly, this list needs more professional fonts like Garamond, Bodoni, and Tarzania, as opposed to simply copying off the list on Microsoft Word.

15 Papyrus

This font is stupid. only purpose is to get hipsters to think it's "zen" - ListerBlister

Cool stuff! I use that font now for my browser. - Darrell

Why is this not number one? You are disgracing the great Papyrus! - tiffanyfrozen5110

Why does Undertale have to be realized to this? Can't we just treat it like a normal font? My god

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16 Chiller

Chiller is my favorite. It's just epic. - TheDarkReshiram

17 Slaytanic

The font for the Metal band Slayer - christangrant

18 Courier New

It's so awesome and mysterious looking. Great for writing horror or suspense stories.

Reminds me of old IBM Typewriters. - Darrell

19 Pyrite

The font for the band Def Leppard - christangrant

20 Tahoma
21 Algerian
22 Arial Rounded MT Bold
23 South Park Font
24 Gill Sans MT

This font is probably the most British font there is. It's almost everywhere in the UK (even BBC uses it) and I quite like it! - Rocko

25 Garamond
26 Monotype Corsiva

This is the font I always use for my book titles. - Cyri

The font style of love. It's what I type all of my poems to my girlfriend in. I have horrible handwriting.

27 Ubuntu
28 Cambria
29 Cutiepie

I love this font! It's not what CutiePieMarzia uses often if you look really closely, but it's close enough! And adorable! If you want CutiePieMarzia's fonts, try Denise Bentulan's Moon Flower and Brain Flower.

CutiepieMarzia uses this it's adorbz!

30 Franklin Gothic

How is this 36?!

31 Century Gothic


32 Segoe UI

Professional-looking and modern, it's the font of Microsoft's current logo. - Entranced98

33 Geneva
34 Poor Richard
35 Nightmare Before Christmas Font
36 Kidprint
37 Roboto

It's the font for the most recent versions of Android. - TheLister

38 Impact
39 Jokewood
40 Palatrino

Used in a lot of textbooks. - Darrell

41 Copperplate Gothic

go to you computer and check this font out it looks sick

42 Ravie

It is so fancy like and that's why I love this font it is like a cursive hand written text

43 Champagne & Limousines

The ampersand is all I like.

44 Cochin

I love it in italic. My dad's iMac came with it and I have always loved it for professional-looking fashion posters I put on my old blog.

45 Curls MT
46 Rosemary
47 Chaparral Pro

Preferably in bold yellow with a thick black outline.

48 Black Chancery

Amazing font, lovely looks, calligraphy style, perfect for headlines!

49 Kahootz Ransom

Awesome font looks like a mysterious newspaper cut out letter

50 Fontdiner Swanky

This is just the coolest font. You have to use it!

This amazing font looks like the Grachi logo, the letters used on that log are similar.

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