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21 Cutiepie

I love this font! It's not what CutiePieMarzia uses often if you look really closely, but it's close enough! And adorable! If you want CutiePieMarzia's fonts, try Denise Bentulan's Moon Flower and Brain Flower.

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22 Geneva
23 Gill Sans MT
24 Poor Richard
25 Ubuntu
26 Century Gothic
27 Monotype Corsiva

The font style of love. It's what I type all of my poems to my girlfriend in. I have horrible handwriting.

28 Zephyr

it's the font used for the book twilight

29 Nightmare Before Christmas Font
30 Kidprint
31 Roboto

It's the font for the most recent versions of Android. - TheLister

32 Georgia

Mysterious and overused as hell, I love it.

33 Jokewood
34 Palatrino

Used in a lot of textbooks. - Darrell

35 Copperplate Gothic

go to you computer and check this font out it looks sick

36 Arial Rounded MT Bold
37 Ravie

It is so fancy like and that's why I love this font it is like a cursive hand written text

38 Champagne & Limousines

The ampersand is all I like.

39 Cochin

I love it in italic. My dad's iMac came with it and I have always loved it for professional-looking fashion posters I put on my old blog.

40 Impact
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